What Medical Equipment to Recycle, and How to Do It

Whether you’re updating a machine, or getting rid of a device you no longer need, you have to find a way to dispose of it. If it’s still working, a great option is to recycle that old medical equipment. 

By doing so, you keep that old tech out of a landfill, and you can help a practice or organization in need. With just a small action, you can contribute to the circular economy, and help patients and clinics get the treatment they deserve. 

What Medical Equipment Can I Recycle?

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The amount of medical equipment that you can recycle might surprise you. Nearly all working medical technology can be reused. However, it typically requires sanitation first. 

A list of medical equipment that you can recycle includes: 

  • MRI scanners
  • CT scanners 
  • X-Ray machines 
  • Metal surgical instruments 
  • Respiration monitors 
  • Glucose monitors 
  • Physical therapy devices 
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Defibrillators 
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • CT Equipment
  • Endoscopy Equipment 
  • Wheelchairs and canes 

How Do I Recycle Medical Equipment? 

The process for recycling medical equipment depends on the type, and whether it still retains use. For large electronic equipment, like an MRI machine, if the device remains effective, it can typically go directly to a different practice through a donation or sale. If the device is malfunctioning, a manufacturer can sometimes take it back and try to renovate or fix the equipment. If not, you need to find a certified recycler who can deconstruct the device and recycle it following the correct guidelines. 

For smaller devices, like glucose monitors or a defibrillator, the recycling process is a little easier. If they’re functioning, you can always donate or resell them. However, if they no longer work, full recycling is easier. You should still contact a certified medical recycler. Due to the technical nature and the way these devices are used, you can’t just throw them into the recycling bin and call it a day.  

Donating vs. Reselling 

If your medical equipment still works well, it almost always makes more sense to recycle it by giving it to another practice or clinic. Whether you resell the equipment or donate it will likely depend on the finances of your practice. Making some money back off of expensive equipment can help with budgets, and also go toward the purchase of new equipment for your patients. 

On the flip side, donating the equipment to a low-cost clinic that serves underinsured and uninsured patients can significantly help your community. It means that patients can get an MRI scan they otherwise wouldn’t get, or receive access to another diagnostic tool that helps them receive the treatment they need. So, if it’s possible for your practice to donate it’s a great option to pursue. 

How Medical Waste Pros Can Help 

While we currently don’t offer equipment recycling, Medical Waste Pros partners with a nationwide network of providers for your disposal needs. From sharps, to regulated medical waste and more, Medical Waste Pros can connect you to a certified and affordable provider in your area. Give us a call at (888) 755-6370, or fill out the form on the page, and we’ll connect you to a medical waste disposal provider in minutes.