Doctor’s Offices and Retail Clinic Medical Waste

proper medical waste disposal in hospitals Doctor’s offices and Retail Clinics deal with thousands of patients a year- and virtually every patient contact requires disposal of some type of medical waste, from syringes to cultures to contaminated gloves. Since these items can’t be simply thrown away, it’s up to the clinic and office to find a reliable, safe system to dispose of all the medical waste they produce.

Medical Waste Pros can help minimize the expense, ensure compliance, and help you manage your medical waste properly. We can help you dispose of regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and more.

Regulated medical waste for doctor’s offices and clinics Includes:

  • Human pathological waste,
  • Blood or any related blood products,
  • Sharps (Needles, Syringes, and other sharp materials),
  • Microbiological materials, including slides and other glassware, and
  • Any other items/materials that could be or are contaminated with infectious agents

Although the regulations and requirements for doctor’s offices and retail clinics vary by state, in most cases using a medical waste disposal company is the most affordable and efficient way to handle medical waste. Medical Waste Pros will find a local provider to help you dispose of, transport, and decontaminate your medical waste.

Let Medical Waste Pros help your practice with your medical waste disposal—we can:

  • Reduce your liability,
  • Ensure you’re in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws,
  • Connect you with a reliable local medical waste removal professional, and
  • Get you free, no obligation quotes on service in your area today!

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