Hospital, Healthcare Facility & Surgery Center Waste Disposal

hospital medical waste medical waste prosMedical Waste Pros can help you with the collection, storage, transportation, and treatment of any kind of medical waste. We collaborate with trusted local professionals that service integrated healthcare delivery networks (IDNs) and hospitals.

Our goal is simple- we want to make your facility compliant, help you reduce risk to your employees and patients, and create a sustainable, affordable medical waste disposal system to help you dispose of your medical waste quickly and safely.

Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, & Surgery Centers Medical Waste Disposal

Our network of professionals can help you with any type of medical waste or general waste disposal, including:

  • General Waste– Office paper, plastics, kitchen waste, or other items that are not hazardous.
  • Pathological/Infectious Waste– Human tissue or fluid (body parts, blood, bodily fluids, etc), and anything that might contain and potentially transmit bacterial, viral, or parasitic disease to humans (lab cultures, bandages, soiled sheets, etc.).
  • Sharps– Needles, knives, blades, lancets, syringes, or anything that could pierce the skin or a container.
  • Chemical/Radioactive Waste– Laboratory reagent, disinfectants, film, unused liquid from radiotherapy, lab research, or contaminated glassware.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste– Expired or outdated prescriptions, drugs, and chemicals.

Our experts take the steps necessary to minimize and eliminate the chance of exposure. Our removal vehicles contain sealed containment receptacles and comply with all regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation and OSHA. We help you stay in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and take the steps necessary to make sure your facility is disposing of medical waste properly.

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