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Convenient Sharps Drop-Off Services

Sharps should never be thrown into the trash, placed in recycling bins, or flushed down the toilet. Instead, sharps should be immediately placed in an FDA-approved sharps container after use. Our sharps services are a convenient way to get rid of your sharps safely and securely. Safe collection and disposal reduces the spread of disease and prevents injuries while keeping you in compliance with federal waste laws and OSHA regulations. 

Our sharps drop-off locations are designed to provide a convenient and secure solution for the responsible disposal of sharps waste. Our commitment to community well-being and environmental stewardship drives this service, offering individuals a hassle-free way to dispose of used needles, syringes, and other sharps. 

With strategically located drop-off points, we aim to make the process simple and accessible, ensuring that community members can contribute to a safer and cleaner environment. Join us in promoting public safety by utilizing our Drop-off Sharps Services, where proper disposal meets convenience, and every sharp finds its way to a secure and environmentally friendly destination.

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What Do Sharps Drop-Off Locations Accept?

Generally, Sharps that have been used or are intended to be used for human or animal patient care in medical, research, or industrial laboratories, including:

  • Hypodermic needles
  • Pasteur pipettes
  • Syringes with and without needles
  • Scalpel blades
  • Lancets/“fingerstick” devices
  • Auto-Injectors
  • Infusion sets
  • Exposed ends of dental wires
  • Root canal files
  • Connection needles/sets
  • Razor blades
  • Suture needles
  • Acupuncture needles
  • Blood vials
  • Culture dishes and slides
  • Trauma scene waste that can cut, slice, or pierce
  • Broken glass from the laboratory including slides and slide covers and more

From supplying containers and mail-back systems for the safe disposal and transport of sharps to regularly scheduled pickups, our professional contractors will help ensure you’re compliant with all local, state, and federal laws.

How a Sharps Drop-Off Location Works

  1. Find a sharps drop-off location closest to your location.
  2. Ensure your sharps are in an FDA-approved container and take them to the location of your choice.
  3. Some drop-off locations are free and some will charge a fee depending on the size of your containers and how many you have.
  4. Once paid, if needed, just drop your containers in the bin and the process is complete.

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"I’m an individual who needed a source to dispose of my diabetic needles and Trulicity pens. Martin was quite helpful in finding me a source that I can use."
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"Great people. Very helpful. Donna was terrific."
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"The drop off process for sharps here is easy and convenient"

Sharps Drop-Off FAQs

How do I dispose of sharps?

  1. Once used, any Sharps should be placed in a Sharps disposal container. These containers are leak-proof and made of a puncture-resistant plastic and puncture-resistant lid that can be handled without concern or risk of exposure. If an FDA-cleared container is not available a heavy-duty plastic household container, such as a laundry detergent container can be used as an alternative.
  2. Be sure to never place any loose Sharps in any trashcan or recycling bin- and never flush Sharps down the toilet. If you do, you’re putting janitors, housekeepers, children, and other sanitation workers in harm’s way.
  3. Even if it’s just for your pet, the guidelines are the same- be sure to use the same Sharps guidelines to safeguard anyone who could be exposed to Sharps waste.

What goes in a sharps container?


Using an FDA-approved container, you can dispose of:

  • Needles and syringes
  • Lancets and blood testing supplies
  • Infusing sets and auto-injectors
  • Scalpels and razor blades
  • Broken glass and other sharp objects

Where can I get a sharps container?


Sharps containers are available through pharmacies, medical supply companies, healthcare providers, and online. Learn more about sharps containers here.

How much does a sharps drop-off location cost?


The price of your sharps drop-off will depend on your location, the size of your containers, how many you have, and other factors. You can find the pricing listing in the location details when you search for a drop-off location.

What other types of medical waste do you handle?


Medical Waste Pros can handle a variety of medical waste across different industries, including:

Does Medical Waste Pros use safe medical waste disposal methods?


Yes, all of our service providers follow all state and federal regulations when it comes to disposing of medical waste. They use methods such as autoclaving, chemical treatments, and EPA-approved incineration.

Can I just throw my medical waste away?


No, you can’t throw away medical waste. There are state and federal laws, including OSHA, FDA, DOT, and the EPA, that regulate how to dispose of medical waste. These regulations were put in place for your safety, in terms of the environment and health effects of improper disposal.

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