Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities

Nursing Homes and Care Facilities

It is common for the residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities to require daily medical care. Medical waste generated in the facility is subject to the same regulations as hospitals and other healthcare providers. Careful handling and safe disposal of medical waste ensures a safe environment for your residents and staff.  

Compliance training should be completed by any staff member that may come into contact with medical waste or potentially infectious materials. Knowing how to recognize, safely handle, and segregate regulated waste is essential in maintaining compliance with medical waste regulations.

Common types of medical waste generated in long-term care facilities include:

Challenges of Long-Term Care

Nursing homes and care facilities face liability challenges that differ from other types of healthcare. Proper medical waste management prevents residents from coming across contaminated medical items that could injury or infect them. When housing elderly or cognitively-impaired residents, proper medical waste disposal is critical to their safety and well-being.

Medical Waste Solutions

Medical Waste Pros offers compliant waste management services to help you navigate the numerous and complex medical waste regulations. Our experts will help you create an effective waste management system to keep your facility safe.

Other Helpful Services

Incoming residents of long-term care facilities may need assistance downsizing as they make the move to your facility. Below is a list of services that will help residents safely make the transition:

  • Paper shredding: Safely dispose of documents to reduce unnecessary clutter. 
  • Electronic shredding: Get rid of old electronics while preventing identity theft and environmental damage.
  • Scanning: Convert important documents to reduce the need for physical storage.
  • Records storage: Secure document storage at an offsite facility.

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