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What is Radioactive Waste?

Dec 27, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by What is Radioactive Waste? Medical waste is a regular part of providing healthcare in hospitals, medical clinics, dental offices, and even veterinary practices. Waste created by the medical industry can be broken down into 4 main categories: general medical waste, infectious medical waste, hazardous medical waste, and radioactive medical waste. Each type requires different handling […]

What Happens to Sharps Containers?

Dec 13, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a diabetic managing insulin injections, or someone who regularly administers medication at home, understanding the journey of sharps containers post-use is crucial. From disposal methods to environmental impact, this blog explores the comprehensive process of what happens to sharps containers, shedding light on the importance of safe and responsible handling […]

How Do Hospitals Dispose of Blood?

Nov 29, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by How Do Hospitals Dispose of Blood? Hospitals handle many kinds of liquid waste in surgeries and medical treatments. Liquid medical waste can be infectious and easy to spill, so proper handling is required. Depending on the type of fluid you are handling, it may be classified as biohazardous and require specific methods for containment, storage, […]

Protecting Your Digital PHI

Nov 16, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by Protecting Your Digital PHI Today’s digital world provides astonishing access to information, including your medical data and billing. Technological advancement has provided many benefits including instant communication with healthcare providers, easy access to health records, and online payments; but digital access comes with additional security risks. Protecting yourself and your personal health information (PHI) should […]

Packaging Medical Waste

Oct 25, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by Medical Waste Packaging When regulated medical waste is produced it must be handled carefully and cannot simply be thrown in a common trash can. Laws have been established at state and federal levels—requiring certain storage and disposal with proper containers. Medical Waste Pros can assist you with finding a secure medical waste disposal provider for […]

Tattoo Shops and Medical Waste Disposal

Oct 11, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by In the intricate world of tattooing, where artistry meets expression, there’s a lesser-known but critical aspect that deserves attention: medical waste disposal. Behind the vibrant storefronts and buzzing needles of tattoo parlors lies a responsibility to ensure safe and hygienic practices. From used needles to contaminated materials, the proper handling and disposal of medical waste […]

Sharps Disposal While Traveling

Sep 27, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by Sharps Disposal While Traveling Sharps waste can be difficult to manage on a daily basis, let alone while traveling. However, when traveling it is important to ensure knowledge of all ways to handle your sharps due to the necessity of proper disposal. Sharps waste can lead to environmental, health, and legal ramifications without proper disposal. […]

How Much Medical Waste is Produced?

Sep 10, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by How Much Medical Waste is Produced?  According to the EPA medical waste is generally healthcare waste that is potentially contaminated by blood, body fluids, or other infectious materials. There are six kinds of regulated medical waste:  The amount of waste produced is a result of regulatory compliance. On average, a single hospital bed produces 33 […]

Sharps Waste Definition

Aug 25, 2021  /  0 Comments  /  by What exactly is the definition of ‘sharps waste’? It’s not as complicated as it sounds! This blog is here to explain it in simple terms: what it includes, why it’s important, and how to handle it. Join us as we uncover the basics of sharps waste and why it matters for a healthier world. What […]