Sharps Disposal While Traveling

Sharps Disposal While Traveling

Sharps waste can be difficult to manage on a daily basis, let alone while traveling. However, when traveling it is important to ensure knowledge of all ways to handle your sharps due to the necessity of proper disposal. Sharps waste can lead to environmental, health, and legal ramifications without proper disposal. This remains especially true when away from home.

TSA allows used sharps when transported in proper sharps disposal containers or other similar hard-surface containers— in both carry on and checked baggage. It is always advisable to remember that TSA officers have the final decision on whether or not something is allowed through the checkpoint. While traveling the options for sharps disposal locations may be limited or unfamiliar to you; you should always carry extra sharps containers to ensure ample space for any sharps you may use. 

One option that is available are mailback services. These services are typically for smaller amounts of medical waste or sharps. An advantage to mailback services is the simplicity. For this service, it is best if you already have a prepaid label, and can just drop off the package at a post office.

Another option would be drop off locations, this can be an appealing option if you are traveling abroad and do not already have a prepaid label, as international postage can be expensive. Drop off locations vary by region, so it is advisable to check with the options available in your destination.

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