How to Package Medical Waste

Medical Waste Packaging

When regulated medical waste is produced it must be handled carefully and cannot simply be thrown in a common trash can. Laws have been established at state and federal levels—requiring certain storage and disposal with proper containers.

Here is the Medical Waste Pros guide to packaging medical waste:

Identify the Type of Waste

The first step is to identify the type of waste you are handling whether that be regulated medical waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, etc. This will determine the proper container needed and will inform you on the steps needed for proper disposal.

Find the Proper Container

While there exist many types of medical waste, there exists many types of containers needed to properly store the respected regulated waste.

The type of packaging also varies on whether the waste is bulk or non-bulk.

Bulk packaging is large packages containing smaller distinct packages of medical waste. The large container must be puncture-resistant either metal or non-porous rigid plastic, constructed, tested, and marked in accordance with the UN bulk packaging requirements.

For non-bulk packaging you may follow Department of Transportations guidelines. For compliance, solid medical waste can be placed in sealed leakproof liner bags. However, sharps should be packaged in thick bags and then placed in a rigid plastic DOT approved container.

Prevent Leaks

When dealing with regulated medical waste it is important to minimize any risk of contamination from leaks. It is important to line the inside of the container with a red biohazard bag that the waste is then further stored in. This ensures that the medical waste is secure and will not leak when in transport.

After securing the liner bag, the transport container must then be sealed, there may be auto-locking flaps if it is a reusable container, or manually locking.

Corrugated boxes should be sealed with packing tape, with the secured liner bags invisible when the box is closed and sealed.

Improperly packaged regulated waste will be denied pickup or returned to your organization.

Stay Compliant with Medical Waste Regulations Today

Compliance laws are complex and ever changing, so it can be difficult to stay on top of the regulations. Medical Waste Pros can answer any other questions and help you stay compliant with proper disposal.

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