St. Louis Medical Waste Disposal

Regulated medical waste is controlled at state and local levels, and includes a variety of medical waste items. Medical Waste Pros St. Louis will match you to a local service provider who knows how to handle and categorize all types of medical waste. Whether you need services or just containers to store your waste in, our providers can help.

As far as regulated waste is concerned, here are a few of the most common items:

  • Glass pipettes, tubes, and slides
  • Broken glass
  • Items saturated with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)
  • Dialyzers and tubing
  • Surgical specimens
  • Blood spill cleanup materials
  • Containers, tubes, or catheters containing blood, blood products, or OPIM
  • Microbiology specimens, used culture plates, bottles, tubes and devices
  • Dispose suture sets and biopsy forceps
  • Staples and wires (cardio-catheter wires)
  • Needles and syringes
  • Scalpel blades and lancets
  • And more

There is a huge variety of items that fall under the blanket category of regulated medical waste. To simplify the process there are several distinct subcategories of regulated medical waste:

Contaminated Sharps – Sharps that have been used in a medical, research, or laboratory procedure and have the potential to spread infectious agents through subdermal inoculation.

Pathological Waste – Biological wastes including human anatomical wastes, tissues, body parts and organs.

Isolation Waste – Waste generated from isolated patients (human or animal) who have been isolated to prevent the spread of their disease. Even items that have only potentially been contaminated are included in this category.

Human Blood and Blood Products – Blood disposal and bodily fluids that have been (or have possibly been) contaminated with blood.

Cultures and Stocks of Infectious Agents – Microbiological waste that is generated from research laboratory or clinical procedures involving communicable infectious agents.

Contaminated Animal Carcasses, Bedding, and Body Parts – Waste from animals that have been intentionally exposed to pathogens in research, biologicals production, or in vivo pharmaceuticals testing

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services in St. Louis

Medical Waste Pros St. Louis can help you find reliable, local service providers to help dispose of infectious materials. Wherever you are in Missouri, we will help you find a service option that meets your needs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form on the right or call us at (314) 658-9351. We will take down information regarding the services you require.
  2. Once you contact us, we reach out to our St. Louis providers and they write up customized quotes based on the information you provided.
  3. You look at your quoted options and choose the one that works best for your needs and budget requirements.

Our professionals have years of industry experience and will help you dispose of your regulated medical waste responsibly. Get free quotes today.

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The consequences for not properly handling your regulated medical waste are disastrous. Avoid financial losses and employee accidents by partnering with a reputable service provider. They use tried-and-true techniques, the appropriate containers, and offer flexible affordable service options to companies across Missouri.

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