Sharps Disposal and Containers in St. Louis

One of the most dangerous medical waste materials are sharps. Sharps include any item that has the ability to prick, slice or pierce the skin or puncture waste bags or cardboard boxes. Medical sharps that have been used in a medical procedure or during laboratory research have the ability to spread infectious blood borne agents, including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Anything with a sharp edge in a medical setting should be handled and managed with caution. Here are a few items classified as sharps that are commonly found in medical settings:

  • Razor blades
  • Broken glass from the laboratory including slides and slide covers
  • Suture needles
  • Scalpel blades
  • Trauma scene waste that can cut or slice
  • Acupuncture needles
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Culture dishes and slides
  • Syringes with and without needles

Medical Waste Pros St. Louis partners with qualified sharps disposal companies throughout Missouri to help businesses responsibly dispose of used sharps. Improper disposal harms the environment and unsuspecting public workers. Keep your employees and patients safe by partner with a service provider today. We will get you free quotes.

Safe Sharps Disposal in St. Louis

When it comes to medical sharps, it is better to take as many precautions as possible in order to avoid unnecessary accidents. Never flush sharps down the toilet or throw them in loosely with normal trash. Used sharps have the ability to spread disease, so they need to be handled with care.

There are specific containers built to hold used sharps safely. They are typically made of rigid plastic or other impenetrable materials, and when used properly, greatly reduce the risks of accidents. Our partners always use approved, safe containers for sharps disposal, and will help your company strengthen its compliance and safety efforts.

Selecting the Right Sharps Disposal Container in Missouri

Sharps containers are designed to keep anyone who handles sharps safe. There are two fundamental types of sharps containers:

Reusable Containers – Reusable containers are built to hold sharps, but then be disassembled, sanitized, and reassembled for reuse.

Single Use Containers – Single use containers are built to hold sharps, completely seal up when full, and be disposed of along with the contents.

Sharps containers are built to be puncture-resistant, and will have a line to indicate when they are safely full. A properly used container will keep anyone who handles it out of harm’s way.

These containers and their exact qualities are regulated at the state and local levels, so check in with your local authorities for more detailed information on approved sharps containers in your area. Medical Waste Pros St. Louis’ partners know how to handle sharps safely and will set you up with safe, legal containers.

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How Medical Waste Disposal Works in St. Louis

Medical Waste Pros St. Louis can quickly connect you to a local medical waste removal company. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Fill out the form on the right or call us at (314) 658-9351. We will gather information about the services you are interested in.
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  3. You look through all of your quoted options and select the one that best fits your needs and budget restrictions.

Our St. Louis providers will set you up with the proper sharps disposal containers and service type. If you need your medical waste to be disposed of daily, monthly, or just once, our providers will work with you to meet your needs.

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Medical Waste Pros St. Louis can connect you to our network of reliable medical waste disposal professionals today. Our contractors use the appropriate containers for each type of waste, including sharps, and will set you up on a disposal schedule that meets your unique needs.

We work with companies in any industry that produces medical waste, including but not limited to:

  • Tattoo Artists
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Laboratories
  • Veterinarians
  • Blood Banks
  • Piercing Artists
  • ResidentialEvery organization produces medical waste at a different rate and requires a customized disposal schedule. Call us today at (314) 658-9351 for free, customized quotes from service providers in your area who offer a variety of convenient, affordable service options.