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Medical Waste Pros sharps drop-off container. Drop off sharps and medical waste

We offer practical and reliable options for the disposal of sharps, specifically designed to cater to small-scale requirements. Among our services is the Sharps drop-off program, which is available through Medical Waste Pros. Our primary goal is to provide a secure and user-friendly solution for individuals in need of sharps disposal.

To facilitate this, we have developed an online directory system that allows you to conveniently locate collection sites in your local area. Once you have identified a suitable site, you can visit during their specified business hours to safely drop off your sharps. Our streamlined process ensures efficiency, dependability, and nationwide accessibility.

Please be assured that our services fully adhere to the standards established by the FDA, OSHA, and all relevant medical waste regulations. At Medical Waste Pros, we prioritize the well-being of small businesses and households, offering compliant and cost-effective solutions to assist you in the safe disposal of your sharps.

The Importance of Proper Disposal

At Medical Waste Pros, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive services to a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on small-scale medical waste disposal for businesses, residences, and offices. We recognize the unique needs of various establishments, such as clinical testing laboratories, tattoo parlors, day spas, and mobile clinics, among others. Our services are customized to address these specific requirements, ensuring the implementation of safe and compliant waste disposal practices.

Our drop-off services are designed to provide convenience, affordability, and strict adherence to all applicable regulations. At Medical Waste Pros, the safety and well-being of our clients, their staff, and the community are our top priorities. By offering efficient sharps disposal options, we aim to simplify the waste management process, enabling you to concentrate on your core activities while entrusting the proper handling of waste to our capable team.


Depending on the services you need, the pricing can be broken down as the following: 

1-1.5 Quart is $15.00 (1-2), $12.00 (3-5), and $10.00 (6+); 1 Gallon or 5.4 Quarts is $35.00 (1-2),$30.00 (3-5), and $25.00 (6+); 2 Gallon is $45.00 (1-2), $40.00 (3-5), and $35 (6+); and Homemade Containers are $15-$30 per container (depending on size)*

Of course, this may fluctuate depending on the location and the process of disposal necessary for your medical waste.

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Drop Off Process

In Broomfield, Medical Waste Pros is your trusted partner for a comprehensive range of services encompassing medical waste, sharps disposal, and pharmaceutical waste. Leveraging our extensive network of local service providers, we are committed to delivering secure, affordable, and efficient solutions to fulfill all your waste management needs.

When it comes to sharps disposal, we offer tailored options to accommodate varying quantities. For smaller quantities, we recommend utilizing our drop-off or mail-back solutions. These alternatives provide a safe and accessible means of disposing sharps, ensuring full compliance with regulations and promoting community well-being.

For larger quantities of sharps or other medical waste, we have service options specifically designed to address your unique requirements. Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with you to understand the specific needs of your facility and provide customized solutions that ensure effective waste disposal.

At Medical Waste Pros, we place utmost importance on professionalism and expertise in all our services. Your security and well-being are our highest priorities, and we strive to deliver local services that are not only convenient but also environmentally responsible. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our secure and reliable medical waste disposal services.

How does the drop-off sharps process work in Broomfield:

  1. Gather your sharps that need disposal into a secure, approved sharps container. We do not accept any loose sharps, milk jugs, or 2-liter soda bottles. 
  2. Bring your sharps to the nearest drop-off sharps center in Broomfield, CO
  3. See an associate to pay the drop-off fee
  4. Place your safely stored sharps in the locked bin
  5. A medical waste transporter stops to pick up the contents of the medical waste container
  6. This drop-off location is for low-volume disposal needs, if you have larger amounts of sharps to dispose of, consider the service options below.

Medical Waste Pros is Here to Provide Small Service Solutions

Sharps drop off services are just a click away. Rather than scheduling a large medical waste disposal service, drop off your sharps for safe disposal. We specialize in small-scale medical waste disposal for small businesses and individuals using sharps in their homes. Find a drop off location near you today.

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