Proper Disposal of PPE Guidelines

PPE has played a crucial rule in healthcare settings for a long time, but the COVID-19 pandemic brought its use to new heights, both inside and outside of healthcare settings. While it has undoubtedly saved lives, it has also created a significant amount of waste, making the proper disposal of PPE more important than ever. 

Disposal of PPE in Healthcare Settings

The good news about the disposal of PPE in healthcare settings is that the vast majority can be disposed of with your general waste. Even if you’ve interacted with sick patients, there’s generally no need to treat it as hazardous or pathological waste. 

However, there are exceptions. In cases where pathological waste, such as blood or fluids, comes into contact and contaminates the PPE, you will generally need to treat it as pathological waste and dispose of it in the pathological waste bin. 

For healthcare professionals involved in chemotherapy treatments, there is a chance it will need to be disposed of as chemotherapy waste. If the PPE becomes soaked with the chemotherapy treatment, it will need to be treated as bulk chemotherapy waste. In a case where it comes in contact with the chemotherapy drug but is not soaked, it should be treated as trace chemotherapy waste. 

disposal of ppe at home

Disposal of PPE at Home and for Individuals

Outside of home care situations where pathological or chemotherapy waste might be involved, individuals can dispose of their used PPE as they would any other trash at home. However, to reduce the risk of any infection from anything the PPE has protected you from, it’s best to make sure the bin has a lid and closes after you’ve put the used PPE in it. 

Medical Waste Disposal with Medical Waste Pros

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