Houston Medical Waste Disposal Services

Houston based medical waste disposal companies offer safe disposal for hospitals, dental offices, clinics, funeral homes, and more. Here are a few examples of regulated medical waste you may find around these organizations:

  • Items saturated with blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (or OPIM)
  • Containers, catheters, or tubes containing blood, blood products or OPIM
  • Dialyzers and tubing
  • Blood spill clean-up materials
  • Microbiology specimens, used culture plates, tubes, bottles and devices
  • Glass pipettes, slides and tubes
  • Needles and syringes, scalpel blades, lancets
  • Surgical specimens
  • Disposable suture sets and biopsy forceps
  • Broken glass
  • Staples, wires (Cardio-catheter wires), and more

Most regulated waste laws are enforced at the state and local levels, but medical waste should always be handled according to the guidelines set forth by OSHA. Following Texas laws and conforming to OSHA standards will help protect employees, patients and the general public.

When categorizing medical waste, keep these regulated waste categories in mind:

Human Blood and Blood Products – Any type of blood (including serum, plasma, and other components) and any bodily fluids that are visually contaminated with blood, or fluids where it might be difficult or impossible to differentiate between bodily fluids and blood.

Contaminated Sharps – Sharps are items that can slice, prick, or pierce the skin or waste bags, and they have the potential to spread infectious agents. Medical sharps have been used in medical, research, or industrial labs on humans or animals.

Isolation Waste – This waste can be found wherever animals or humans have been isolated to prevent the spread of their disease, and includes any waste that has potentially been contaminated with a highly communicable disease.

Contaminated Animal Carcasses, Body Parts, and Bedding – This waste comes from animals who have been intentionally exposed to pathogens in research, biologicals production, or in vivo pharmaceuticals testing.

Pathological Waste – Human anatomical wastes, organs, tissues, or body parts to be thrown out, regardless of the medical procedure that was performed.

Cultures and Stocks of Infectious Agents – Also known as microbiological waste, this waste is created during clinical or research laboratory procedures that involve communicable infectious agents.

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services in Houston

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