Medical Waste Container Pickup Programs – Advantages and Disadvantages

Medical Waste Container Pickup ProgramsKnowing whether or not to invest in a mailback system or container pickup system is tricky—as both have advantages and disadvantages for your business. Below outlines the advantages, and disadvantages, to investing in medical waste container pickup programs.

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages to medical waste container pickup programs on the Federal Drug Administration’s website.

Container Program – Advantages

  • Cost-effective for larger amounts of medical waste
  • Allows you to schedule disposal pickups based on your availability
  • Ability to store larger amounts of medical waste with larger medical waste containers
  • Regulatory compliance ensured by service provider
  • Disposal confirmation after service is provided
  • Occasionally, communities offer medical waste container pickup programs for residential homes. Check with your local government officials to see if one exists in your area!

Container Program – Disadvantages

  • Not cost-effective for small, local businesses or households
  • Bulky, heavy waste typically builds up prior to pickup
  • In-house training for employees on how to manage and store medical waste
  • Must establish means of transportation for service provider in and out of your facilities

Both mailback programs and container pickup programs are great options for disposing of your medical waste. Knowing which one fits best for your business will help you save money and time in the future.

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