Industries that Use Sharps

Medical sharps are used in a variety of settings for a number of different purposes. Despite common thought, the medical field is not the only industry that regularly uses needles, syringes, and other sharps devices. There are many industries that use sharps and that are in need of secure sharps disposal services.

Below we will cover a number of industries that use sharps on a regular basis. All industries using sharps are subject to the same standards for properly handling and disposing of sharps. Disposal laws vary by location, but FDA, EPA, and OSHA standards remain consistent for all businesses.



Sharps are used in medical clinics, doctor’s offices, dental offices, assisted living facilities, and hospitals to manage medical conditions. They are used to inject medications, remove or transfer fluids, collect blood, and to cut skin and tissue.

Veterinary Care

Similar to human healthcare; veterinary clinics, offices, and hospitals use sharps to manage the health of animals. They use needles, syringes, razor blades, and scalpels to administer medication and perform surgeries. Used sharps from animals should be handled the same as sharps from humans to prevent drug reactions, injuries, and the spread of disease.

Tattoos and Body Art Industry

Tattoos and piercings are created with needles. For tattoos, needles are used to inject ink into the skin. They come in a variety of sizes, counts, and configurations. Needles for piercing are hollow with a sharp point to remove a small amount of skin and create a clean hole. Tattoo artists and piercers should be trained in bloodborne pathogens, infection control, and the safe handling of sharps. 

Medical Spas and the Beauty Industry

Medical spas offer a number of beauty treatments that use sharps including Botox and other facial injections, cellulite treatments, laser hair removal, chemical peels, tattooed makeup, hormone injections, and much more. MedSpas are held to the same standards as any other medical facility, including the management of regulated medical waste. 

Acupuncture, Chiropractic Services, and Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture is an eastern medicine technique that inserts thin needles to certain points on the body to treat pain, reduce stress, and improve wellness. Typically, 5 to 20 needles are used in each treatment. Dry needling is a similar practice used by Chiropractors to relieve muscular pain. The thin needles used in acupuncture and dry needling are classified as sharp medical waste. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmacies will need to dispose of expired or unused medications, as well as used syringes from flu shots and other immunizations. They will need to have the necessary equipment for the safe disposal of medical waste and sharps.

Law Enforcement

First responders are likely to encounter needles and syringes in the field. Many will be from the use of illicit drugs or other illegal activity. It is important that officers are equipped with a sharps disposal system to keep themselves safe from potential infection and injury. 

Funeral Homes and Mortuaries 

Funeral home employees regularly come in contact with medical waste including sharps. Some common sharps they deal with are incision needles, scalpels, scissors, and cannulas. Exposure to these types of devices can infect employees with diseases and cause injury. Funeral homes must use appropriate sharps containers to collect and dispose of sharps.

Testing Laboratories 

Laboratories may use a variety of sharps for varying purposes. They also use lab glass in the form of beakers, flasks, test tubes, stirring rods, pipettes, petri dishes, graduated cylinders, and microscope slides. Glass items that become contaminated with biohazards are considered sharp waste and should be handled as such. 

Sharps Disposal for Your Business

No matter what industry you work in, if you are working with sharps you will need to take steps to protect yourself and others from needle stick injuries. Medical Waste Pros is here to help you with convenient sharps disposal programs. We offer services nationwide for homes and businesses. Our programs help you follow regulatory compliance and prevent the spread of disease. 

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