Best Methods for Household Sharps Disposal

Residents use household sharps to manage many kinds of medical conditions, most commonly with injections. Injections are administered with needles that require safe disposal to prevent the risk of injury and the spread of disease.

Sharps waste contains potentially harmful microorganisms that can infect anyone who may come in contact. We refer to sharps-inflicted wounds as “needle stick injuries.” The World Health Organization (WHO) reports, “A person who experiences one needle stick injury from a needle used on an infected source patient has risks of 30%, 1.8%, and 0.3% respectively of becoming infected with HBV, HCV, and HIV.”

Additional health hazards from improper sharps disposal are from the release of pathogens and pollutants into the environment. Drug-resistant microorganisms spread into the area, chemicals leach into soil and groundwater, and hazardous emissions pollute the air.

Best Methods for Household Sharps Disposal

Responsible household sharps disposal is easy with proper guidance. There are simple and environmentally friendly disposal options that will protect human health and the planet. Follow these best methods when disposing of household sharps:

Safe Collection

Once used, you should immediately place the sharps in a sharps disposal container. You need to seal and dispose of the containers once they reach three-quarters of the way full.

Never throw loose needles into the trash or recycling bin. Moreover, do not flush needles or sharps down the toilet.

Use an Approved Container

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FDA-approved containers are made of leak-proof, heavy-duty plastic; include a puncture-resistant, tight-fitting lid; and stay upright and stable during use. Various sizes and portable containers are available to meet your individual needs.

Follow Community Guidelines

Guidelines for proper disposal vary based on location. Be sure to check with your local health department to learn more.

Safe Storage

Do not use glass containers for storing sharps, as they can break and cause injuries. In addition, store sharps containers out of the reach of children and pets to prevent accidental injury.

Label Properly

Sharps containers should be labeled to warn others of potential hazards. Label specifics are determined by community guidelines but generally include a biohazard symbol and warning.

Find a Collection Site or Use a Mail-back Program

Sharps collection sites are often available at several locations throughout the community. Drop-off points offer secure, hassle-free disposal. Find a location near you with our directory.

Mail-back programs are an affordable alternative to drop-off services. Proper containers, shipping labels, and instructions will be provided for you to send in your used sharps for disposal. Mail-back services are compliant with state and federal regulations, the Department of Transportation, and USPS.

Safety and environmental protection are the priority when considering household sharps disposal. Properly securing your needles and other sharps minimizes needlestick injuries for family members and waste workers. Utilizing specialized services and facilities for medical waste treatment protects the environment from harmful effects and pollution.

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