Sharps Container

sharps container is a specific container reinforced and used to properly dispose of medical and veterinary needles, along with other types of sharps. These containers are made from rigid plastic and are marked with a line that indicates when the container is full. Your county generally regulates sharps disposal. However, the state you live in may dictate what you can (and can’t) use for proper sharps disposal.Medical Waste Pros offer sharps containers through our mail-back services

The FDA recommends placing used needles and other sharps in sharps disposal containers immediately after use. Appropriate sharps disposal containers are available through pharmacies, medical supply companies, health care providers, and online. In addition, they cleared certain types of sharps containers for healthcare professionals and the public to reduce the risk of injuries and exposure to infectious waste from used sharps materials.

What Container Should I Use?

Sharps containers usually fit into two main types:

  • Single-use Sharps Containers- Your service provider will dispose of these with the waste inside. This can include containers for mail-back programs or ongoing service depending on how often you need your sharps containers picked up and discarded.
  • Reusable Sharps Containers– Your service provider will empty and sterilize these before returning them for re-use.

Approved sharps disposal containers are specially designed to safely store sharps, as long as you use them properly. Our service providers offer a variety of sizes and capacities. They’ll help you determine the right system that works for your needs, whether you need sharps disposal at home, or you’re a medical facility that needs regularly scheduled disposal.

Sharps Mail-back Programs

We service sharps mail-back programs that allow you to properly package the container in a specified return box, attest to the contents by signing a manifest, and hand the box to a UPS driver or postal carrier for delivery.

When you’re purchasing a sharps container, there are several things to consider:

  • Size- your needs will depend on how many times you use sharps items. The more you use, the larger your container should be. Don’t skimp on the size to save money. You’ll end up spending more to have it disposed of properly twice as often.
  • Safety- Your sharps container needs to be durable, puncture, leak-resistant, and difficult to re-open.
  • Convenient Design- Find the right system that works for your needs. By understanding what types of waste you have, you’ll be able to select a system that’s easier to manage.
  • Disposal– The type of container you select or purchase depends on how you plan to dispose of it. You can find mail-back systems or an ongoing container service that will pick up your sharps waste and dispose of it properly.

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Medical Waste Pros will connect you with a safe, reliable local sharps disposal provider to help you purchase a sharps disposal container for your needs. They can recommend the best disposal system for your needs, from a mail-back system to regularly scheduled pickups.

What you need depends on how much and often you need medical and hazardous waste disposal. To start a sharps disposal service, fill out the form, or give us a call at (888) 755-6370. Within minutes, we’ll get you free, no-obligation quotes within minutes!