Pharmaceutical waste poses a threat to both the environment and the general public due to medicines, drugs, medicament, and medications having high concentrations. To mitigate any harm caused by pharmaceutical waste, both the state and federal agencies have developed regulations and guidelines as to how to handle and dispose of pharmaceutical waste properly. 

Medical Waste Pros provides service options, for both businesses and residents, to ensure that you can find a solution that best fits your needs. For larger services, we offer pickup solutions to ensure safety and security when handling and disposing of your medical waste. (link). Medical Waste Pros also offers mail-back options for businesses and residences. This is an effective option for smaller quantities of medical waste while remaining in compliance with state, local, and federal laws.

Medical Waste Pros South Jordan partners with capable pharmaceutical waste disposal experts who know the best ways to manage and handle expired medications.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Utah

Expired pharmaceuticals can harm the environment because they don’t naturally degrade. If they are tossed in a landfill or flushed down the drain, they contaminate the water supply. In fact, they sit and rot for years and years, leaching into the ground and spreading unnatural chemicals.

To keep communities and local environments safe, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Health Department have developed regulations as to how to properly dispose of expired pharmaceuticals.

Is Your Pharmaceutical Waste Hazardous?

Some pharmaceuticals are classified as hazardous and must be treated primarily as hazardous waste. To be considered hazardous a pharmaceutical must meet at least one of the below requirements:

  • The material is already regulated by your state environmental agency.
  • The sole active ingredient in the material is listed as hazardous by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
  • Its material contains ingredient(s) that result in the pharmaceutical exhibiting characteristics of hazardous waste (corrosive, reactive/explosive, ignitable, or toxic/radioactive).

If any of the above qualifications apply, treat it as hazardous and contact a hazardous waste specialist near you. Medical Waste Pros partners with dozens of hazardous waste removal companies and can help you find a suitable match.

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Pharmaceutical waste poses a threat to the environment and to the public. Keep your community safe by partnering with a medical waste disposal company. It will reduce your liability and streamline your waste management procedure.

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