Disposing of medical waste properly and safely is important. This is not only for you and your business but for the safety of others as well. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases and stay in compliance, you need to ensure that you select a medical waste disposal company that can help you dispose of your medical waste safely and securely.

Medical waste includes pathological waste, human blood, cultures and stocks of infectious agents, contaminated sharps, and more.

Medical Waste in Utah is regulated by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control. Some regulations set forth by DEQ include: 

  • Medical waste must be separated from other types of waste and stored in leak-proof containers that are clearly labeled. 
  • Medical waste must be transported by registered medical waste transporters in accordance with state and federal regulations. 
  • Medical waste must be disposed of at approved facilities. This includes commercial medical waste incinerators or landfills that are permitted to accept medical waste.

Our provider follows state and federal regulations when it comes to the disposal of your medical waste. This includes HIPAA and other laws protecting the privacy and security of information and people.

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Medical Waste Pros is here to help you with your disposal needs. Our partners provide a variety of services that are flexible and set to assist you as best as possible. 

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