Safety Audits

OSHA Safety AuditsConducting self-safety audits is a valuable strategy and way to prepare for the day when an inevitable OSHA audit comes. 

Audit findings help you to identify any weak points in your processes and in turn let you develop new safety methods to bring your practices up to OSHA standards.

Why Hold Safety Audits Before OSHA Does?

In the simplest terms, auditing and finding issues before OSHA does will always help to protect from potential noncompliance penalties. Despite that though, while the primary reason for conducting your own safety audits is to ensure that when OSHA arrives all requirements are met, there are also other potential benefits from self-auditing.

Besides compliance, when you are regularly finding and correcting any issues with your processes via safety audits you can drastically cut the chances for there to be injuries or illness in the workplace, as a result helping to limit any potential legal liabilities for your organization. 

Things to Have Prepared and Available for Audits

OSHA inspections can be conducted without notice, so you must have all the necessary information and materials readily available in case of an audit:

  • Documented training logs
  • Recordkeeping histories
  • Equipment inspection records
  • Safety and health policies
  • Review of insurance and third-party audits
  • Hazard assessment and abatement
  • Review of previous audits and citations
  • On-site illness and injury records
  • First aid logs
  • Workers’ Compensation claim documents
  • Emergency procedures

Need Help Auditing and Improving Your Safety Standards?

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