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In Lakewood, CO | 777 S Wadsworth Blvd, #3-100

777 S Wadsworth Blvd, #3-100

Lakewood, CO 80226

(303) 566-3215

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Drop-Off Pricing

1-1.5 Qt $15.00 ea. for 1-2, $12.00 ea. for 3-5, $10.00 ea. for 6+; 1 Gal to 5.4 Qt $35.00 ea. for 1-2, $30.00 ea. for 3-5, $25.00 ea. for 6+; 2 Gal $45.00 for 1-2, $40.00 ea. for 3-5, $35 each for 6+*

*Pricing is not guaranteed and is subject to change by the individual merchant.

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Location Details

When you arrive at the Lakewood location, let us know that you are here by calling (844) 780-3237, and we’ll let you in. The drop-off sharps pricing is as follows:1-1.5 Quart is $15.00 (1-2), $12.00 (3-5), and $10.00 (6+); 1 Gallon or 5.4 Quarts is $35.00 (1-2),$30.00 (3-5), and $25.00 (6+); 2 Gallon is $45.00 (1-2), $40.00 (3-5), and $35 (6+); and Homemade Containers are $15-$30 per container (depending on size). You will pay online (via QR code link) upon arrival. The sharps container(s) will be placed in the secure sharps bin door and released into the bin. ***Pricing is subject to change.

Dropoff Program Details

Medical Waste Disposal in Lakewood

Medical Waste Pros provides a variety of medical waste disposal, sharps disposal, and pharmaceutical waste disposal services in Lakewood through a network of local service providers. Get secure, affordable, and local medical waste disposal services with Medical Waste Pros.

We help businesses throughout Colorado with recurring medical waste disposal needs and one-time pickup services. For businesses with larger quantities, check out the service options below.

For residents and small businesses with have smaller quantities of sharps, we recommend going to a drop-off sharps location.

Medical Waste Services We Offer

Medical Waste Disposal

Businesses that accumulate medical waste require proper disposal. Depending on your specific needs, services can be set up for a one-time or a regularly scheduled service in Lakewood. We can help you figure out the best solution for you.

Sharps Disposal

If you have a larger sharps disposal need, then a service will be the best economical, safe, and convenient solution. A provider can come to you in Lakewood, pick up your sharps, and properly dispose of them afterward. For those with consistent needs, a recurring service can be set up as well.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

We have service options for both businesses and residents to help properly dispose of pharmaceuticals. Unused, unneeded, and expired pills should not be simply thrown away. Using a disposal service helps to eliminate dangerous risks to communities and the environment.

How Does Small Quantity Drop-Off Sharps Process Work?

  1. Gather your sharps that need disposal into a secure, approved sharps container. We do not accept any loose sharps, milk jugs, or 2-liter soda bottles.
  2. Bring your sharps to the nearest drop-off sharps center in Lakewood, Colorado
  3. See an associate to pay the drop-off fee (if applicable)
  4. Place your safely stored sharps in the locked bin or see the associate
  5. A medical waste transporter stops to pick up the contents of the medical waste container
  6. This drop-off location is for low-volume disposal needs, if you have larger amounts of sharps to dispose of, consider the service options below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for drop off?

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With every service, there is a fee for us to regularly dispose of the contents within the kiosk. The fee helps to offset this cost which allows us to continue to offer this service to the community.

What if I do not have a sharps container?

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Drop-off locations cannot accept any loose sharps. They must be placed in a secure, certified sharps container. If you do not have a traditional sharps container, an approved liquid detergent bottle is a secure at-home solution. There are a number of online merchants that sell sharps containers as well.

How easy is it to drop off sharps?

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There is no need to make an appointment for our drop-off program. You can bring your sharps container during the location’s drop-off hours, and find an associate upon arrival. The associate will be able to accept your drop-off fee and escort you to the kiosk. You will drop the sharps container into the kiosk door and that is it!

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