Chicago Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

Medicine, medication, medicinal products, medicament, and common drugs all require a special kind of disposal. Any company that produces or handles these types of materials should be aware of proper disposal techniques and strategies.

Pharmaceutical waste poses a threat to the environment and the community when improperly disposed of. Federal and Illinois level regulations mandate proper disposal practices and provide tips on the best ways to manage hazardous and infectious waste.

Medical Waste Pros Chicago has a network of local Chicago service providers, and will connect you to the company that best meets your specific needs. We partner with professionals who have years of industry experience and utilize best-practice techniques to get the job done right.

Our contractors will provide you with everything—from secure containers to scheduled services, you can feel safe knowing your pharmaceutical waste will be disposed of safely and correctly.

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Pharmaceutical Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Illinois Defined

Pharmaceuticals are often made with high concentrations of substances that can help people in need, but are harmful to the environment or to anyone not prescribed that certain medication.

These highly concentrated medications do not degrade over time, so the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State Health Department have created guidelines regarding expired pharmaceuticals and how to properly handle and dispose of pharmaceutical waste.

Is My Pharmaceutical Waste Hazardous?

In order for a pharmaceutical product to be considered hazardous, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must contain ingredient(s) that create characteristics of hazardous waste (reactive/explosive, ignitable, toxic/radioactive, or corrosive).
  • The sole active ingredient in the pharmaceutical must be listed by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) as a hazardous waste.
  • It must already be regulated by the Illinois state environmental agency.


If your pharmaceuticals meet any of the above requirements, you need to take care to properly dispose of those items. If you have quite a bit of medical waste, and need help finding a local provider to dispose of your waste for you, we can help!

At Medical Waste Pros Chicago, our partners are trained in specific disposal processes for pharmaceuticals, sharps, regulated waste and more. They can design a comprehensive disposal program to fit your exact needs. Let us connect you to the best providers in your area—just fill out the form to the right and you’ll have free quotes within minutes.

Medical Waste Disposal for Pharmaceuticals in Chicago

The Joint Commission created the Medication Management Standards to help handlers manage medications, and pharmacists must comply. Medical Waste Pros Chicago will connect you to local Cook County providers who offer reliable and compliant disposal services for any industry including:

Long-Term Care/Hospice Facilities – Long-term care facilities produce unique types of waste. Our experts know how handle all types of waste and can set up a system to collect it all at once.

Pharmacies – Pharmaceuticals don’t naturally degrade; our professionals have the tools to take care of pharmaceutical waste so it doesn’t harm the environment.

Clinics – Private practices and retail clinics alike produce pharmaceutical waste that requires careful disposal—our contractors can help.

Hospitals – Hospitals, surgery centers, laboratories, blood banks and more all produce medical waste. Our contractors ensure compliance with waste specific disposal regulations.

Strengthen your compliance efforts and protect your employees and your community with help from our Chicago partners.

Get Free, No Obligation Quotes on Pharmaceutical and Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal in Illinois

Medical Waste Pros Chicago will connect you with a local service provider who can set you up with a mailback, scheduled, or one-time service. All of our contractors operate within federal and Illinois state laws regarding hazardous and infectious waste disposal.

Let our local providers help you choose the right containers, service frequency, and service type that best fits your volume and budget. To get free quotes on medical waste disposal services, fill out the form on the right or give us a call at (312) 324-3299.