Medical Sharps Disposal for a Small Practice 

Safe sharps waste disposal is important regardless of the size of your practice. Strict regulations exist to ensure the well-being of healthcare workers, patients, and the public at large. Beyond legal compliance, it is also important to consider the effects of medical waste on the environment and public safety.   

When sharps are disposed of improperly; waste workers, children, and animals are put at risk. “Sharps” can be any type of medical instrument that can penetrate or cut the skin. The most common types of sharps handled are hypodermic needles and syringes.  

If a contaminated sharp punctures the skin, there is a risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission. Bloodborne pathogens can lead to serious illnesses like hepatitis or HIV. To limit the chance of bloodborne pathogen transmission, every precaution must be taken to prevent needlestick injuries.  

Proper Sharps Disposal 

Sharps should be placed in a designated sharps container immediately after use. Containers should be made of hard, puncture-proof, leak-resistant plastic. The container should have a tight-fitting, puncture-proof lid and be clearly labeled as biohazardous.  

Disposal containers should be placed wherever sharps are used and positioned by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards. Containers should never be filled more than 3/4s of the way full. When full, they should be removed, replaced, and stored safely until disposal.   

Sharps Disposal Services for a Small Practice 

A small medical practice has different concerns than a hospital or large health organization when it comes to medical waste disposal. Small practices need to carefully consider the budget, time constraints of a small staff, and maintaining compliance. Luckily, there are affordable options designed for small-scale sharps disposal.     

Mail-Back Sharps 

Mail-back services provide you with all the materials you will need to collect and send in your sharps for disposal. The mail-back kit includes an approved sharps container, a prepaid return shipping box, and instructions for use.   

When your sharps container is full, you will seal it shut and place the container in the shipping box. Then you can drop off the box at a postal service location or schedule pick up with a mail courier.  

When the mail-back kit arrives at the medical waste treatment facility, your sharps will be sterilized and disposed of. Mail-back services are cost-effective, flexible, and convenient. 

medical sharps disposal for small practice

Sharps Drop-off 

Sharps drop-off services are available at various collection sites. You can drop off sealed sharps containers during business hours for safe disposal. 

Drop-off points offer secure, hassle-free disposal at your convenience. Drop-off services are ideal for small-scale disposal, saving you the cost of a pick-up service. You can find a location near you in our directory.   

Medical Waste Pros small practice disposal sharps

Find Sharps Disposal Services Near You 

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