Proper Medical Waste Disposal Techniques in Los Angeles

Proper Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal is one of the more difficult things to manage in any workplace in Los Angeles.  There are serious implications if any type of medical waste is handled improperly.  It’s critical to have procedures and steps in place to handle medical waste disposal properly.

Here are some good ways to help ensure you’re protecting your company, your employees, your patients, and the environment with proper medical waste disposal.

  • Don’t discard pharmaceuticals in any other type of medical waste– Since many pharmaceuticals don’t degrade over time, there are specific regulations that dictate how these pharmaceuticals should be disposed of properly.  All pharmaceuticals should be disposed in specific, designed containers
  • Transporting your own waste in LA means you are 100 liable for any accidents.Don’t move medical waste to a different location– If your facility relocates anywhere Southern California, make sure that you don’t take your medical waste with you.  There’s inherent risk in transporting it- and you’ll be 100% liable if an accident causes accidental exposure.  Take the time to schedule a pickup by a permitted medical waste hauler receives your waste for transport.
  • Don’t leave any medical waste container open or a full waste container unsealed– Full waste containers might fall over and/or spill their contents.  Be sure that all medical waste is not only disposed of, but also completely sealed to prevent exposure.
  • Don’t place alcohol, aerosols, or any other chemicals into medical wasteCertain chemicals and different types of medical waste are classified as hazardousIf you have chemicals that you need to dispose of, make sure to obtain expert guidance on disposal of any chemicals you may have collected, no matter how small the volume from a waste disposal expert in Los Angeles.
  • Don’t ignore required training for handling medical waste– The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires documented training on blood borne pathogens for anyone who may be at risk of exposure to disease-causing germs present in medical waste every year.  Lack in training causes unnecessary exposure that could put your entire facility at risk.

There are proper procedures and government regulations on the federal, state, and local level to ensure that any items that are used in your home or for your business that contain or create medical waste is disposed of properly.

Medical Waste Pros Los Angeles will help you stay in compliance, figure out what items related to medical issues you can just throw away and what items need to be disposed of properly because they contain (or are) hazardous materials.

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How Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in Los Angeles?

First of all, you need to make sure to avoid flushing any type of medical waste down the toilet.  Every time medical waste is flushed, it increases the risk of accidental exposure for sanitation and sewage treatment workers, janitors, and your family. 

Make sure you’re in compliance- to make sure you don’t put an employee or the general public at risk, there are several different ways you can dispose of and manage medical waste properly.  Here are some of the options our local contractors offer businesses throughout Los Angeles:

Regularly Scheduled Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal services in Los Angeles help with any type of medical wasteOur network of professionals can handle any kind of frequency from daily to annually.  If you have an ongoing need to gather and dispose of a significant amount of medical waste, a regularly scheduled service allows you to plan for ongoing pickup. 

A local provider will set a time to pick up and dispose of your medical waste based on your schedule, and all pickups are tracked and secured, and you’ll receive a detailed manifest for tracking and a certificate of destruction for your records.

Mailback/Shipping and Return Kits

A mailback system is an option to help you dispose of your medical waste properly without having to have in-home or in-office containers that need to be picked up.  Every mailback system includes all the components required to package your medical waste to be mailed and disposed of at a secure facility.  Mailback systems are an efficient way to collect, return and dispose of any type of medical waste.

If you have smaller quantities of sharps, soft medical waste, amalgam, and mercury, a mailback program might be a good fit since the containers and systems are ideal for smaller volumes of medical waste.  

If you’re located in a remote area, or have medical waste you need to dispose of occasionally, a mailback system could eliminate the risk of exposure and ensure you’re in compliance with all state and federal laws. 

On-Call Medical Waste Management Services

On-Call Service is identical to a regularly scheduled service in Los Angeles- but instead of a regular schedule, you can request medical waste pickup and disposal whenever you need it.

Some companies require on-call service for emergencies, or might need service occasionally due to the nature of their business.  Our network of medical waste contractors offers on-call medical waste management services at reasonable prices. 

As you can see, there’s lots options for your needs- no matter which system you choose, we’ll help you find a local provider that can assist you with the medical waste management that works best for you.  Get free quotes today!

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