What Is a Hazardous Waste Manifest

It’s important to dispose of hazardous waste regularly. Additionally, the traditional hazardous waste manifest requires the use of paper and can be expensive to maintain. There has been a shift to electronic manifests more recently.

Learn more about e-manifests and the benefits of the electronic tracking system. You can watch the video on hazardous waste manifests or read the transcript below.


What Are Hazardous Waste Manifest

Hazardous waste manifests are commonly known as the “cradle-to-grave” system. Additionally, hazardous waste manifests are forms to help track hazardous waste. It helps to track from the time it leaves the generator’s facility until it reaches its final destination.

During the transportation and display process, all parties involved sign the document. In turn, this helps to ensure accountability throughout the entire process.

The Importance of Hazardous Waste Manifests

Instead of a service sales receipt, a hazardous waste manifest gives a more detailed breakdown of the service and process. Additionally, it includes information on the chain of custody of your waste. Also, it shows the type and quantity of waste and instructions for how to handle it.

In addition, it provides personal benefits for extra security in the manifest. However, there is a legal aspect as well. Both the EPA and the U.S. Department of Transportation require hazardous waste manifests. Additionally, it’s the waste generator’s responsibility to ensure manifests are complete.

How The Hazardous Waste Manifest Process Workskeep track of your hazardous waste with a Hazardous Waste Manifest and Medical Waste Pros can help you dispose of it

Start with your signing

As the hazardous waste generator, you initially create the hazardous waste manifest. Additionally, you sign the manifest to initiate the transfer of custody.

All parties sign along the way

Different parties who handle the waste also sign the manifest. Additionally, they keep a copy to ensure full accountability throughout the process.

Upon Arrival, they sign and return a copy

After reaching its destination, the receiving facility finishes the “cradle-to-grave” disposal process by signing the manifest. Additionally, this confirms the waste was at the facility, and they returned the form for your records.

What Are E-Manifests

In the summer of 2018, the EPA launched the e-manifest system. This system modernizes the traditional paper-based hazardous waste tracking system with the use of electronic hazardous waste manifests instead.

Benefits of The E-Manifest System

  1. Save Money
  2. Save Time

Save Money with E-Manifests

Save time and money with Medical Waste Pros hazardous waste disposal

E-manifest helps to save money in several ways including:

  • Eliminating Paper: Like other resources, money is required to create traditional manifests because of the paper. However, e-manifests do not use paper and greatly reduce the costs.
  • Saving Time (Equals Saving Money): According to the EPA, approximately 175,000 to 425,000 hours will be saved by adopting e-manifest. Additionally, it comes out to a monetary value of roughly $50 million annually.

Save Time with E-Manifests

It’s important to simplify the tracking process and create a single hub for reporting and managing manifest information. Additionally, e-manifests can eliminate the time needed to make and distribute multiple manifest copies at each step.

With the ability to send, receive, and manage manifests electronically, the amount of time required for basic administrative tasks decreases. In turn, this frees up more time for more productive purposes.

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