Washington DC Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Pros Washington DC has a network of local companies that specialize in the disposal of regulated medical waste. Different types of medical waste require separate containers and different disposal techniques. Facilities from hospitals, to funeral homes, to veterinary clinics, and more produce regulated medical waste. Here are some of the most common regulated waste materials:

  • Items saturated with blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (or OPIM)
  • Containers, catheters, or tubes containing blood, blood products or OPIM
  • Dialyzers and tubing
  • Blood spill clean-up materials
  • Surgical specimens
  • Microbiology specimens, used culture plates, tubes, bottles and devices
  • Needles and syringes, scalpel blades, lancets
  • Broken glass
  • Disposable suture sets and biopsy forceps
  • Glass pipettes, slides and tubes
  • Staples, wires (Cardio-catheter wires), and more

Regulated medical waste requirements are mandated at the state level, but OSHA has developed standards and guidelines for proper management and disposal of these materials that should be followed to keep employees, patients, and the environment safe.

Regulated waste has been divided into six main categories:

Contaminated Sharps – Any item that can prick the skin or penetrate a waste bag or cardboard box is a sharp. Medical sharps have been used in medical procedures and risk infecting anyone who handles them with communicable diseases.

Human Blood and Blood Products – Blood and blood byproducts (serum, plasma, etc.) and bodily fluids that are visually contaminated with blood. This category also encompasses fluids where it might be difficult or impossible to differentiate between body fluids and blood.

Pathological Waste – Human anatomical wastes, body parts, organs, or tissues.

Cultures and Stocks of Infectious Agents – Also referred to as microbiological waste, this waste originates from clinical or research laboratory procedures involving communicable infectious agents.

Isolation Waste – Waste from patients or animals who have been isolated to prevent the spread of their disease. Even if you’re uncertain if the waste has been contaminated, mix it with the rest of the isolation waste.

Contaminated Animal Carcasses, Body Parts, and Bedding – Waste from animals intentionally exposed to pathogens in research, biologicals production, or in vivo pharmaceuticals testing.

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services in Washington DC

Medical Waste Pros Washington DC will connect you with a reputable DC waste management companies that provide one-time pickups, ongoing scheduled services, and mail back disposal.

If you find your disposal company through us, you will receive several free quoted options before you commit to a service plan. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Fill out the form on the right or call us at (202) 350-9058. We will take down information on the services you require.
  2. We sort through our network and find contractors in DC who can fulfill your service needs, and pass your information along to them. They write up a quote for free.
  3. You look through your quoted options and select the one that best matches your needs.

Once you find a contractor that will help you dispose of your medical waste, they will supply you with the proper containers and set up a schedule for disposal services. Get free quotes today!

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Regulated medical waste needs to be carefully handled and thrown out to protect the integrity of a business and its community. Keep people safe and follow the law—get help from a medical waste disposal service provider today. Our partners are qualified and have the resources to get your business on track for safe medical waste disposal.

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