Riverside Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

Pharmaceuticals can harm the environment and anyone who isn’t directly prescribed them as a medication. Most pharmaceuticals such as medicine, medicament, medication, and other drugs contain high concentrations, which don’t degrade well overtime. To keep you community safe, always responsibly dispose of these materials.

Medical Waste Pros Riverside will help you find a capable local provider who can properly dispose of any volume of pharmaceuticals. They will supply the correct containers, and pick up your waste on a schedule that works for your business.

Regulations exist on federal and California state levels regarding the proper handling and destruction of pharmaceutical materials.  Reduce your liability and increase workplace safety by partnering with a local medical waste management service provider.

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Pharmaceutical Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Riverside Defined

Because most medicines don’t degrade naturally overtime, they pose a risk to the environment. To mitigate this risk, both the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Health Department regulated the disposal of pharmaceuticals.

Even though prescribed medications can help certain people in need, they can dangerous when left in the wrong hands. Partnering with a service provider will reduce your liability while keeping your community safe.

Is My Pharmaceutical Waste Hazardous?

Hazardous materials are classified if they meet the following requirements:

  • The material contains ingredient(s) that make it display any of the following characteristics: radioactive/toxic, ignitable, corrosive, or explosive/reactive
  • The main active ingredient in the material is listed as hazardous by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • The material is currently regulated by the California state environmental agency


If your pharmaceuticals meet any of the above criteria they are classified as hazardous and need to treated accordingly. Medical Waste Pros Riverside can quickly connect you to a local hazardous waste management company with the tools and know how to easily dispose of hazardous waste.

Whether you need a onetime pickup or would like to schedule recurring pickups, our partners are ready to help keep your office safe.

Medical Waste Disposal for Pharmaceuticals throughout Riverside

Organizations in a variety of industries produce medical waste, and our partners work with them all. Here a few common medical waste producing industries that we specialize in:

Clinics – We help both private practices and retail clinics dispose of medical and pharmaceutical waste. Our options for clinics are efficient and affordable.

Hospitals – Blood banks, laboratories, surgery centers—any type of hospital setting produces medical waste, and we can match you to a suitable disposal provider.

Pharmacies – Expired medications can easily be taken care of by our partners. We work with retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to help ensure responsible disposal.

Long-Term Care/Hospice Facilities – Residents and employees are protected with the help our Riverside contractors. The unique types of waste generated at long-term care facilities is quickly disposed of with help from our pros.

Pharmacists must comply with the Medication Management Standards set forth by the Joint Commission. Our Riverside partners help organizations across Southern California comply and keep their communities safe.

Get Free Quotes on Pharmaceutical and Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal in Riverside

Whether you need proper containers, scheduled disposal services, or help setting up an efficient waste management system, our partners are equipped to help. With years of industry experience they have learned best-practices that help business comply with the laws and keep their patients and employees safe.

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