Sharps Mail Back

Sharps ContainerWhen you have small amounts of needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharps you need to dispose of, sharps mail-back services provide an easy and cost-efficient alternative to pick up services that are geared more toward large-scale medical waste disposal.

Rather than a truck coming to your location, the materials to safely package and mail back your sharps are sent to you instead—with things ranging from approved disposal containers and protective bag liners to USPS-approved return boxes with prepaid postage. 

Why Mail Back Your Sharps?

Mail back services offer a variety of benefits to help you with safely disposing of your sharps:

Time Efficiency

With sharps mail-back, the process is as simple as filling up your containers, packaging them, and sending them in for safe disposal—all without needing to schedule a pickup. 

While it does require safe containers to transport the potentially hazardous waste, with sharps mail-back they’re provided with the service, giving you all the supplies you need to send in your materials and helping to save you time while collecting sharps.

Cost Efficiency

Besides providing the various materials needed for mail-back services like approved disposal containers, protective bag liners, and USPS-approved return boxes, sharps mail-back also saves on indirect costs.

Compared to other services, sharps mail-back eliminates extra costs such as transportation fees for pick up or time costs if you took your sharps to a medical waste drop-off collection point.


It might feel uncomfortable to simply package your medical waste and the PHI that goes with it and just send it away, but sharps mail-back takes extra steps to assure you of secure destruction.

After you send in your sharps you’re given what’s called a manifest confirmation of destruction, which provides details about the disposal process and can be used for proof of compliance with laws like HIPAA.

How It Works

Sharps mail back is a simple 4 step process:

  1. Your destruction provider sends the packaging materials you’ll need to store your potentially hazardous waste, including things like disposal containers, protective bag liners, barcode tracking, and a USPS-approved return box.
  2. Over time collect your needles, syringes, and lancets in the bins.
  3. Once the containers are full, mail back your sharps package to the destruction provider for proper disposal.
  4. After receiving your materials, providers send you a formal manifest confirmation of destruction to show that your sharps were safely and securely destroyed both for your own self-assurance as well as if you ever need to provide proof of secure disposal.

Who Benefits Most From Mail Back Sharps Services?

There’s a variety of different sharp waste produced by businesses, organizations, and individuals that are ideal for sharps mail back services, including:

  • Clinical testing laboratories
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Diabetic patients
  • Dental offices
  • Home nurses
  • Law enforcement 
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Veterinary offices

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