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Medical Waste Pros Partnership

Medical Waste Pros is an excellent way to help connect your medical waste disposal business to practices and facilities that need services in your area.

If you’re looking at adding medical waste disposal to your business or are just looking for some high-quality leads that are ready to buy today, you’re in the right place.

Companies looking for medical waste don’t rely on word-of-mouth or the Yellow Pages anymore- search engines and the massive amount of information on the Internet has taken over.

Every time your company doesn’t show up when a customer searches for medical waste disposal in your city or state is a lost opportunity. That’s where Medical Waste Pros can fit into any marketing plan.

Not Your Ordinary Lead Generation Service

We strive to convert visitors in your area that come to our site into potential customers that need help immediately and provide them fast quotes for any service related to medical waste disposal. We have built a network of professional medical disposal companies just like you that provide safe, reliable disposal services. Our marketing efforts generate thousands of leads a week nationwide for our network.

We supply independent disposal companies with new customers nationwide. In fact, we don’t even call them leads- we call them sales-ready referrals. Why? Because our sales specialists take the time to qualify them to ensure we’re passing along a high quality, easy to close sale.

How Our System Works

Here are the basics of how we get quality sales-ready referrals to you:

  • A potential customer requests service in a service area you select,
  • We send you their information in the form of a referral in real-time,
  • You call the customer back to learn more about their specific needs, and
  • If there’s a good match, you schedule an appointment, and service begins.

When a qualified, sales-ready referral shows up in your area, we’ll send it your way—it’s that easy!

When something goes awry with referrals we send you, we replace them—free of charge! Learn more about how our replacement policy works, and how to submit a defective referral.

We’ll Help You Grow Your Business

Our goal isn’t to spend your money—we want to make you money. Our sales-ready referral program can be customized to your requirements. You’re in the driver’s seat on the number of referrals we send to you, and we offer replacements if the customer’s needs don’t fit with your services.

We do have members that use us as their only source of new sales-ready referrals for their businesses, but we like to try to enhance your current marketing efforts that can fill up your route. We can also help you find a reliable stream of new customers in an avenue that you’re not marketing in. It’s our goal to give you more visibility and access to customers you might be missing.

Let Medical Waste Pros Bring New Customers Right to your Inbox

To get started, call our Membership Hotline today at (888) 755-6370, or click here to fill out our form