Hazardous Medical Waste

Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal ServicesWhen you think of hazardous waste, you mind might wander to bright yellow suits and horrific accidents that create huge problems.

That kind of stuff does happen, but there are more items that can be defined as hazardous medical waste than you might realize.

Medical Waste Pros will help you figure out what items related to medical issues you can just throw away and what items need to be disposed of properly because they contain (or are) hazardous materials.

There’s proper procedures and government regulations on the federal, state, and local level to ensure that any items that are used in your home or for your business is disposed of properly.

What is Hazardous Medical Waste?

EPA regulatory guidelines define hazardous waste as any solid, liquid, or contained gaseous material that is no longer being used and is recycled, stored, or thrown away.  A waste is considered hazardous if:

  • It’s one 400+ items listed on the Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations,
  • It exhibits one of these four defined hazardous waste characteristics:

(1) Ignitability (it catches on fire easily when exposed to heat, i.e. solvents, paint thinner, and gasoline)

(2) Corrosivity (it can “eat” other matter, including battery acid, caustic paint strippers, and some floor cleaners);

(3) Reactivity (Certain cyanides, sulfide-bearing, or any other items that are unstable, explosive, or toxic under pressure, when mixed with water or another substance, or exposed to heat)

(4) Toxicity (Anything that is harmful or fatal when ingested or absorbed


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Medical Waste Pros can direct you to a location to drop off hazardous medical waste to be disposed of properly.  We can also help you find a local hazardous waste expert so you can schedule a pickup on a regular basis or whenever you need it.We’ll help you select the containers, schedule, and system that works best for your organization.

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