Kansas City Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

Proper management and disposal of medicinal products, medicine, medication, medicament, and drugs are vital in maintaining a safe environment for the community. Pharmaceutical waste disposal is stringently handled by state and federal regulations due to its potential dangers to the environment.

Medical Waste Pros Kansas City can find a reputable and affordable contractor to handle your pharmaceutical waste disposal properly. There are many service options available to cater to your organization’s specific needs.

Our local services can provide containers, schedule regular pickups, or set up a mailback system to reduce the risk of harmful medications contaminating the environment.

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Pharmaceutical Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Kansas City Defined

Most medicines contain high concentrations of their active ingredients which do not degrade well over time. With improper disposal, the pharmaceuticals can pose a threat to the environment and those who come into contact.

Expired pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical waste is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Health Department because of their potential risk.

Is my Pharmaceutical Waste Hazardous Waste?

In order for pharmaceutical waste to be classified as hazardous waste, these qualifications must be met:

  • The sole active ingredient in the pharmaceutical that needs to be disposed of is listed by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) as a hazardous waste,
  • It contains ingredient(s) that result in the pharmaceutical exhibiting characteristics of hazardous waste (ignitable, corrosive, reactive/explosive, or toxic/radioactive), which requires that it be treated as hazardous waste under RCRA.
  • The material is already regulated by your state environmental agency.


If any or all of these requirements are met, you must ensure that your pharmaceutical waste is disposed of in a proper manner. Medical Waste Pros Kansas City can help provide you with a local contractor who can set up a customized program for your pharmaceutical and medical waste management needs.

Medical Waste Disposal for Pharmaceuticals throughout Kansas City

Medical Waste Pros Kansas City can offer compliant and reputable pharmaceutical waste management for every industry, with focuses on:

Pharmacies – Our experts can help retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies with easy-to-manage systems to ensure expired medications are disposed of properly.

Hospitals – managing pharmaceutical waste in any hospital setting, surgery centers, laboratories, blood banks and more

Long-Term Care/Hospice Facilities – There are several unique aspects that are involved in long-term care pharmaceutical disposal – we make sure you understand what you need to help protect your employees and residents.

Clinics – Do you have a retail clinic or do you run a private practice? Learn how we can help manage your medical waste and pharmaceutical waste efficiently and affordably.

Pharmacists must comply with the Medication Management Standards mandated by the Joint Commission. Our providers in Kansas City and the Missouri area are read to keep your organization in compliance with all regulations and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

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