Boston Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal companies across Massachusetts offer regulated waste disposal services to dentists, veterinarians, pharmacies, and more. Regulated waste is a general term and contain the following:

  • Glass pipettes, slides, and tubes
  • Staples and wires (cardio-catheter wires)
  • Needles and syringes
  • Scalpel blades and lancets
  • Items saturated with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)
  • Microbiology specimens, used culture plates, tubes, bottles, and devices
  • Dialyzers and tubing
  • Surgical specimens
  • Containers, catheters, or tubes containing blood, blood products or OPTIM
  • Blood spill clean-up materials
  • Disposal suture sets and biopsy forceps
  • And more

Regulated waste disposal practices are mandated at the state and local levels, but OSHA has created guidelines that should be followed anytime an employee is handling potentially infectious materials. Safety should be the top priority.

There are six separate categories that regulated medical waste can be split into:

Pathological Waste

Human tissues, organs, anatomical wastes, and body parts. This type of waste is biohazardous.

Culture and Stocks of Infectious Agents

In research or clinical laboratories, procedures where communicable infectious agents are present produce microbiological waste, which is a type of regulated waste.

Human Blood and Blood Products

This includes any type of blood (including serum, plasma, etc.) and any bodily fluids that are visibly contaminated with blood, or where it’s difficult to differentiate between bodily fluids and blood.

Isolation Waste

When patients or animals are isolated to prevent the spread of their highly communicable disease, any waste that is produced falls under regulated medical waste.

Contaminated Animal Carcasses, Body Parts, and Bedding

Waste produced during research, biologicals production, or in vivo pharmaceuticals testing, where animals are intentionally exposed to pathogens.

Contaminated Sharps

Any item that can pierce or prick the skin and cause subdermal inoculation of infectious agents is considered a sharp, and when it has been used in a medical procedure it becomes contaminated and falls under regulated medical waste.

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services in Boston

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There are several reasons to use a qualified medical waste disposal service. Safety and compliance with federal and local laws are two of the main benefits, and service providers offer huge advantages in those areas.

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