What Is Mail Back Sharps Disposal & How Does It Work?

If you work around needles, you’re probably familiar with the fact that you need to dispose of them separately from other kinds of medical waste. But once you collect them in a sharps container, what do you do next? How do you dispose of your sharps? One of the most convenient and cost-effective options is using a mail-back sharps disposal service.

What Is Mail Back Sharps Disposal?

Mail-back sharps disposal services allow you to pack and ship your sharps waste through the USPS to a secure sharps disposal facility. A mail-back sharps disposal provider will send you the special containers or protective bag liners you need to safely prepare your sharps for disposal. The kit will also include labels for prepaid shipping.

The Mail-Back Disposal Process

Medical Waste Pros offers mail back sharps disposal servicesThe process for mail-back sharps disposal is simple and requires only four main steps.

  1. First, your provider will send the packaging materials you need to store the potentially hazardous sharps waste. These materials can include designated disposal containers, bag liners, barcode tracking labels, and a USPS-approved return box.
  2. Next, collect used sharps over time in the provided containers. The sharps appropriate for these containers include used needles, syringes, and lancets.
  3. Once the containers are full, simply package up the sharps container with the materials provided and mail them back to the destruction provider.
  4. Lastly, the provider will then send you a formal manifest confirmation of the destruction. This can serve as both personal reassurance and as legal proof that you had the sharps properly destroyed.

Benefits of Mail Back Sharps Disposal

Using a mail-back service not only saves time, but it’s also more cost-effective and secure than other sharps disposal methods.

Saving Time

Because you are already filling up the sharps containers over time, mail-back sharps disposal makes the end of that process even easier. Rather than finding a location to drop off your sharps for disposal, you can simply package and ship them right from your office.

save time with mail back sharps disposal with Medical Waste ProsIn addition, because all of the materials are sent to you by the destruction provider, there’s no need to worry about finding secure containers or making sure that you are safely transporting any hazardous medical waste yourself.

Cost Efficiency

Mail-back services can be cost-effective compared to other disposal methods, especially for smaller quantities of sharps. You can also save money on transportation fees, pickup fees, and other indirect costs associated with traditional sharps disposal. In addition, with our mail-back services, you get free shipping when you use the code “MWP” at checkout.


Finally, these services are more secure. Because you receive a manifest confirmation, you have a hard copy of legally admissible proof that your materials were properly disposed of. Sharps may contain protected health information (PHI). However, you can rest assured knowing that it was handled professionally and properly destroyed.

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