What Is a Needle Clipper & How to Dispose of One?

A needle clipper is a safe storage device that allows you easily remove syringe and pen needles while retaining them within the clipper. Needle clippers are FDA-approved sharps containers that can hold up to 1,500 clipped needles, approximately a 2-year supply (depending on the frequency of use). 

Needle clippers can be purchased at pharmacies, medical supply stores, and major retailers. They typically can be used with 28G through 31G needles and 3/16” (5mm) through ½” (12.7mm) length needles. They are not intended for use with lancets. Be sure to check with your medical provider or pharmacist to make sure your needle device is compatible with a needle clipper.  

Who Needs a Needle Clipper?

Who Needs a Needle Clipper?

Needle clippers can be beneficial for anyone that uses needles to self-manage medical conditions or those of their pets. Sharps are used to treat a wide array of conditions including allergies, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, infertility, migraines, multiple sclerosis, blood clotting disorders, psoriasis, and more.

Sharps must be handled carefully to prevent needlestick injuries and the spread of disease. FDA-cleared containers have been tested for their safety and effectiveness to reduce the risk of injury and infections from used sharps.

How Do Needle Clippers Work?

A needle clipper is a portable device that removes the needle from syringes and pens to make them unusable. You will insert the needle into the small hole on the device and press down to clip it off at the base. The needle will be automatically retained within the clipper to prevent loss and injury. Once the needle is removed, your syringe is safe to throw away in the trash.

Do not clip a needle if it is not your own syringe.

Needle Clipper Disposal

Needle clippers are small, safe, and can be used many times, making them an excellent storage system for used needles. When your clipper is full, it should be disposed of in accordance with your state and local regulations. Medical Waste Pros provides compliant sharps disposal services. Contact us to learn more about the options in your area.

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