IVF Needle Disposal

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an exciting and lengthy process. During IVF, households can produce small volumes of sharps waste that can be difficult to dispose of. Medical Waste Pros has secure IVF neede disposal services for people around the US and Canada. Our partner drop off locations, as well as our sharps mailback options, are affordable and discreet options for households. 

IVF is a process that may involve hormone shots done at home and in a doctor’s office. Safely disposing of these needles can become a challenge for some people due to the small quantity of sharps and the difficulty associated with finding a needle disposal service. 

Disposing of needles and other medical sharps properly is an important part of keeping communities and individuals safe. Throwing sharps into the regular garbage can lead to needle stick injuries and the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, coming up with a plan for getting rid of IVF sharps is important for anyone going through this process. Globally, over 500,000 IVF babies are born each year, and this number is growing. This means that many homes are facing this challenge simultaneously. Professional sharps disposal services can be a convenient option for households–no matter the volume of needles produced. 

IVF needle disposal

What to Do with IVF Sharps Waste

Once a needle is used, it is considered biohazardous waste, and must be disposed of in a specific way. Medical Waste Pros can assist you with our simple process of getting matched and getting rid of your sharps safely. 

IVF needle disposal
  1. Take stock: Determine the volume of waste you may have already collected and estimate the expected amount of sharps that may be produced in the future. 
  2. Contact: Fill out the form on the page or call Medical Waste Pros at (888) 755-6370 to get matched with free quotes from trusted local providers. Our experts are excited to work with you to find the best solution for your household. 
  3. Collect properly: Safely collecting sharps is an important aspect of disposal. Acquiring a proper sharps container is the most secure way to collect sharps. If this is not accessible, some companies allow a heavy-duty plastic household container to be used as an alternative, like a laundry detergent jug. This should never be filled to more than ¾ of its capacity. 
  4. Disposal: Schedule your pickup with your provider, mail in your sharps, or drop off at one of our secure partner locations. 

Solutions from Medical Waste Pros

Starting a family comes with various types of new challenges and logistics. Don’t let secure sharps disposal be another headache to deal with. When you contact Medical Waste Pros our experts get you matched with the most affordable service in your area for your project. Describe your preferences and project–our team is happy to oblige! Simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call today (888) 755-6370.