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Medical Waste Disposal in Costa Mesa

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Medical Waste Pros proudly delivers a comprehensive range of services for medical waste disposal, sharps disposal, and pharmaceutical waste disposal right here in the heart of Costa Mesa. We’ve established a robust network of trusted local service providers, ensuring you experience the many advantages of secure, cost-effective, and community-centered medical waste disposal by choosing us as your partner.

Medical Waste Pros serves as a bridge between the challenge of medical waste disposal and a viable solution. We offer multiple service options tailored to your specific needs.

Drop off Solutions for Residents

If you’re a resident, a drop-off location may suit you best. The location details can be found above or find another location in your area. Drop-off solutions are perfect for individuals with smaller quantities of sharps to dispose of. You can walk in directly to the location, and they can help properly and safely dispose of your needles and sharps.

Find A Provider That Works WITH You

Easy. Efficient. Flexible.

Since we partner with the best providers in the California area, we can match you to the options that suit your specific needs. This empowers you with choices for your project, putting the advantage in your hands. Forget the hassle of searching for providers – they will come to you.

Medical Waste Pros is dedicated to guiding you through the medical waste management journey, making the process smoother and more efficient for you. Unlike larger providers, our network has more flexibility on pricing, contracts, scheduling, and more! Find the right options for you today when you call Medical Waste Pros. Check out the medical waste services below.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss medical waste management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

General Info

Why Dispose Professionally?

Professional waste disposal is an important aspect of keeping yourself, your employees, and your environment safe. In fact, the disposal of certain kinds of materials is regulated at a federal, state, and local level. Failing to comply with these laws can result in penalties. Professional disposal is an easy way to keep the earth and your community safe while following important laws. Medical Waste Pros is here to advise you or your business on the best options for your project and match you with free disposal quotes!

At Medical Waste Pros, we simplify the process of finding a trusted medical waste management provider. Our curated network of reputable providers offers comprehensive services, including waste disposal, sharps management, and pharmaceutical waste solutions. Each provider in our network is carefully vetted for reliability, compliance, and expertise, ensuring that your waste is handled safely and in full accordance with regulations. By choosing a provider through us, you gain access to convenient scheduling and peace of mind knowing that your waste management needs are in good hands. Our platform streamlines the process, saving you time and effort in finding the right provider for your requirements. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large healthcare facility, we connect you with professionals who prioritize excellence in medical waste management, allowing you to focus on providing quality care to your patients.

Connect with Confidence

Let Medical Waste Pros be your trusted partner in medical waste management. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can connect you with a provider that meets your needs. Experience the convenience and peace of mind of working with professionals who prioritize safety, compliance, and excellence in waste management.

Why Choose Medical Waste Pros

Fast Turnaround

Get matched to a partner in 3-5 minutes. They will work with you to get a quote based on your specifications.

Nationwide Coverage

We have partners all over the United States and Canada.

20+ Years

Medical Waste Pros has over two decades of experience matching customers to the right services.

Partnered with the Best

We are partnered with hundreds of partners nationwide providing you with the best, secure options in your area.

Dental Offices

Medical Waste Pros has built a network of medical waste disposal professionals that can help you ensure your office is compliant, help you reduce risk to your employees and patients, and create a sustainable, affordable medical waste disposal system to help you dispose of your medical waste quickly and safely. With a focus on compliance, safety, and sustainability, we aim to provide peace of mind, allowing dental professionals to concentrate on delivering exceptional care.

Hospitals & Surgery Centers

Hospitals and surgery centers produce many sharps over the course of a day or even a week! Medical Waste Pros can match you with a secure provider ready to dispose of needles, knives, blades, lancets, syringes, or anything that could pierce the skin or a container. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the rigorous demands of these dynamic environments, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations, safeguarding the well-being of healthcare professionals, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Doctor’s Offices & Retail Clinics

​​Our comprehensive services are designed to seamlessly integrate with the daily operations of doctor’s offices and retail clinics, offering a reliable solution for the proper handling and disposal of diverse medical waste streams. Medical Waste Pros can match you with a plan for your sharps disposal that minimizes expense and manages compliance standards.

Veterinarian Practices

Veterinarians have the same regulations and requirements as healthcare facilities, dentists, and other organizations when it comes to disposing of medical waste related to their patient care. At Medical Waste Pros, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by veterinary clinics, and we are committed to providing safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible disposal services.

Residents & Small Quantity

Find solutions specifically made for homes and smaller quantities of sharps waste. Medical Waste Pros has resources for sharps mail back, drop off, and pick up solutions that work with the needs of your home at any frequency. Safety, compliance, and privacy are the priorities of our nationwide network of secure partners.

Your Project

Our experts are ready to work with you to find the right solution for your sharps and other medical waste disposal needs. Call Medical Waste Pros to get matched with solutions in your area tailored to meet your needs at a reasonable price. Keeping your community safe is important to us, our partners, and our customers.

Waste Disposal Process

  1. Assess. Consider what materials need to be disposed of properly as well as the rough amount. 
  2. Contact. Call (888) 755-6370, fill out the form, or use the live chat to talk with a real member of the Medical Waste Pros team. One of our experts will answer your questions, provide information on services, and match you with customized quotes and partners.
  3. Match. After one of our team members finds the best options for you, you choose what service and provider fits your needs best.
  4. Schedule. Schedule your service with a member of our provider network.
  5. Dispose. Depending on the service you choose, have your materials securely scanned with one of our secure partner services.
Additional Info

Waste Regulations for Businesses

Disposing of your medical waste is critical to keeping your employees, your customers, and the enviroment safe. For businesses handling medical waste regularly, having a disposal system in place is not just beneficial but also legally mandated. At Medical Waste Pros, we understand the complexities involved and aim to simplify the process of finding the perfect disposal solution for your needs. With our extensive network of industry-leading providers, we stand ready to assist with both one-time and recurring disposal projects. 
Regardless of your industry, you can trust us to facilitate the ideal solution tailored to your specific requirements. Safeguarding your workplace and the wider community starts with responsible medical waste disposal, and we’re here to ensure it’s done efficiently and effectively.

Contact us for a free quote today!

Reach out to our team today to discuss medical waste management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the drop-off sharps process work in Costa Mesa?

Find Location

Gather your sharps that need disposal into a secure, approved sharps container. We do not accept any loose sharps, milk jugs, or 2-liter soda bottles.
Bring your sharps to the nearest drop-off sharps center in Costa Mesa
See an associate to pay the drop-off fee (if applicable)
Place your safely stored sharps in the locked bin or see the associate
A medical waste transporter stops to pick up the contents of the medical waste container
This drop-off location is for low-volume disposal needs, if you have larger amounts of sharps to dispose of, consider the service options below.

Do I have to pay for drop off?

Find Location

There are locations that are free to drop off sharps. However, there are some drop-off locations that charge. You can find the pricing listing in the location details of listing.

What if I do not have a sharps container?

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Drop-off locations cannot accept any loose sharps. They must be placed in a secure, certified sharps container. If you do not have a traditional sharps container, an approved liquid detergent bottle is a secure at-home solution. There are a number of online merchants that sell sharps containers as well.

How easy is it to drop off sharps?

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There is no need to make an appointment for our drop-off program. You can bring your sharps container during the location’s drop-off hours, and find an associate upon arrival. The associate will be able to accept your drop-off fee and escort you to the kiosk. You will drop the sharps container into the kiosk door and that is it!

Does Medical Waste Pros do the disposal?

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Medical Waste Pros is your source for affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible medical waste management services. We've built a network of top-notch industry professionals throughout the United States to help you manage your medical waste removal, sharps disposal, regulatory compliance, and more. When you contact our experts, we screen and match you for free with the right provider for your project.

What sectors does Medical Waste Pros serve for secure disposal and management services?

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Medical Waste Pros serves homes as well as businesses of all sizes. This includes hospitals and surgery centers, laboratories, in-home care, blood banks, doctor’s offices, retail clinics, dentists, tattoo shops, long term care and hospice, funeral homes, pharmacies, veterinary practices, and more!

Are your sharps disposal providers compliant with regulations?

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Yes, we work with providers who adhere to federal, state, and local regulations for sharps disposal. They are fully licensed and insured to ensure safe and compliant disposal.

Why is proper medical waste disposal essential?

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Proper medical waste disposal is crucial for preventing the spread of infections, protecting the environment, and complying with regulatory requirements. It ensures the safe handling of potentially hazardous materials.

What is considered medical waste?

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Medical waste includes materials generated in healthcare facilities, such as sharps (needles, syringes), pathological waste, cultures, blood-soaked items, and other potentially infectious materials.

Do you provide recurring services for medical waste disposal?

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Yes, our partners offer options for recurring services, providing a convenient and scheduled solution for businesses with consistent medical waste generation.

What types of businesses can benefit from your medical waste disposal services?

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Our services cater to a wide range of businesses, including hospitals, clinics, dental offices, laboratories, veterinary clinics, and more.

What steps should I take to prepare medical waste for disposal?

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Properly package medical waste in accordance with guidelines provided by our service providers. Sharps should be placed in designated containers, and all waste should be segregated appropriately.

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