Proper Medical Waste Disposal Techniques in San Francisco

Proper Medical Waste Disposal in California

Medical waste has the potential to harm anyone who comes into contact with it. To make sure your medical waste doesn’t infect your employees or patients, there are disposal and handling techniques that are designed to keep handlers safe.

To ensure your entire organization is handling waste correctly and safety, there are some good rules of thumb to follow that will help you protect your employees, your patients, your company, and the environment:

  • Medical Waste Pros San Francisco will help you dispose of your medical waste properlyDon’t move medical waste to a different location – If your office relocates or for any reason you need to move your medical waste, don’t do it yourself. There are strict rules regarding who can safely transport medical waste—use a qualified hauler to move your waste for you and avoid liability issues in case of an accident.
  • Hold regular training sessions on how to handle medical waste – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created extensive training programs to keep inherently dangerous workplaces safer. Training employees on their blood borne pathogens standard will help decrease accidents.
  • Don’t mix alcohol, chemicals, or aerosols in with medical waste – Some chemicals and other materials are designated as hazardous and need to be kept separate from common and regulated medical wastes.
  • Keep pharmaceutical waste separate – Pharmaceuticals require special treatment during disposal due to their high concentrations which don’t allow them to easily degrade. Keep pharmaceuticals separate from your other waste for a clean, accurate, and efficient disposal process.
  • Don’t leave medical waste in the open – Keep all medical waste in specified, closable containers. If medical waste is left in the open it can contaminate other materials and it runs a higher risk of infecting someone who might accidentally come into contact with it. Keep waste out of areas where people might accidentally throw normal trash in with it.

There are ways to optimize your office for fast and easy medical waste disposal. Properly labeling everything will help keep it organized and keeping employees up to date on current regulations will ensure the process is done correctly.

Medical Waste Pros San Francisco understands the importance of proper medical waste disposal and helps companies across California with their disposal efforts. To find a disposal expert near you who can handle pharmaceutical and hazardous waste, call us at (415) 513-1055.

How Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in San Francisco?

Organizations have several options when it comes to medical waste disposal. Whether you use a service provider or not, it’s important to never flush medical waste down the toilet. It will contaminate the water system and endanger public workers down the line.

For a safer disposal method, consider these services available in San Francisco:

Medical Waste Pros San Francisco lets you mail in your medical waste for disposalMailback/Shipping and Return Kits

These kits are extremely convenient and allow small waste producers to send in their waste whenever they are ready. Your waste disposal provider will send you everything you need, from a shipping container, to a container for the waste, to a prepaid shipping label. You simply fill it up, pack it up, and send it off.

This service option is useful for small waste generators or remotely located companies. Any type of waste can be mailed (sharps, liquids, blood-soaked items, etc.) as long as it’s in the correct container.

Regularly Scheduled Medical Waste Disposal

Scheduled services best serve large waste generators. Hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from these services as they are scheduled ahead of time at any frequency desired. Your service provider will give you the right containers, and stop by to pick up your waste on a pre-determined schedule.

These services can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually, depending on your company’s needs.

On-Call Medical Waste Management Services

These services are similar to regularly scheduled services, except that there is no schedule. A service provider supplies you with the proper container, and when it’s full you call them and have them pick up the contents within several days.

If your business generates waste irregularly, or is looking to decrease costs through less pickups, this service option is for you.

There is a service type to meet the needs of any company, big or small, so there is no reason that your company should not be disposing of medical waste properly. We will even get you quotes for free on services near you.

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