Proper Medical Waste Disposal Techniques in Phoenix

Proper Medical Waste Disposal in Arizona

Medical waste requires careful handling and disposal. There are laws in place at the federal and state levels designed to protect workers, the general public, and the environment from the high concentrations of drugs and the harmful effects of infectious waste.

Partnering with a service provider helps ease the difficulty of dealing with medical waste, but we summed up some good rules of thumb that every organization should follow to protect their local community:

  • Medical Waste Pros PhoenixHold Regular Training – The Occupations Safety and Health Administration has created detailed guidelines for how employees should handle and dispose of medical and hazardous waste. Trained employees are less likely to make mistakes that cause accidents.
  • Keep Containers of Medical Waste Secure – Anything medical waste touches is contaminated and needs to be treated as medical waste. To avoid unnecessary contaminated, and to keep employees and patients safe, keep medical waste in containers that can close and will seal for disposal.
  • Don’t Transport Your Own Medical Waste – The Department of Transportation regulates who can transport medical and infectious waste. Even if you are just moving a block away, use a permitted hauler to transport your waste for you to avoid liability issues.
  • Keep Pharmaceuticals Separate – Pharmaceuticals don’t naturally degrade and therefore require special treatment. Even though they are a type of medical waste, they need to be kept separate for separate treatment at the time of disposal.
  • Don’t Mix Aerosols, Alcohol, or other Chemicals in with Medical Waste – Some chemicals are classified as hazardous and should not be mixed in with common medical waste. Hazardous waste poses a different type of threat and needs to be handled differently.

To comply with regulations companies must be proactive and be sure to take the proper steps towards safety. Medical waste should be handled carefully and proper disposal procedures should be in place.

Medical Waste Pros Phoenix will find a local service provider who can supply you with the proper containers for your waste as well set you up on an efficient waste disposal schedule, no matter how often you need your waste picked up.

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How Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in Phoenix?

Medical waste needs to be handled with care. Never flush it down the toilet or dispose of it in the regular trash—it puts public workers and the water system at risk.

To properly dispose of medical waste in Arizona, there are several service options that help organizations manage their waste appropriately:

Medical Waste Pros PhoenixRegularly Scheduled Medical Waste Disposal

For companies that generate large volumes of medical waste, regularly scheduled pickups are convenient and cost effective. You work with your service provider to set up a pre-determined schedule of pickups, and they give you the proper containers for the amount of waste you generate.

You fill up the containers, and never have to worry about managing pickups—they automatically come to your location on your preset schedule.

Mailback/Shipping Return Kits

For organizations that generate small amounts of waste or are located in remote areas of Arizona, mailback return kits are the best option. Mailback kits come with everything you’ll need—a container for the waste, a shipping container, a prepaid shipping label and more.

Any type of waste can be sent through the mail—soft waste, amalgam, mercury, liquid wastes. As long as it’s in the right container it can be shipped. Just make sure you follow the directions and you’re set.

On-Call Medical Waste Management Services

On-call services are similar to regularly scheduled services except you call on a service provider whenever you waste container is full, rather than having pickups pre scheduled. This service option is useful if you produce waste at an inconsistent rate or want to save money by reducing the number of pickups you require.

Most medical waste materials can be stored indefinitely, so if you have the space to store your waste, you can greatly reduce the number of pickups you need with this service.

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Never throw medical waste in the trash or flush it down the drain. There are simple ways to dispose of medical waste responsibly if you enlist the help of a service provider, and Medical Waste Pros Phoenix will connect you to the best providers in your area. Call us at (480) 264-0772 or fill out the form on the right for free quotes today.