Proper Medical Waste Disposal Techniques in Seattle

Proper Washington Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal can be difficult and time consuming for any Seattle based company to manage. With so many different categories and each type of waste requiring specific disposal techniques and procedures, it’s easy to get lost in the mayhem.

Medical Waste Pros Seattle understands the pressures placed on businesses who produce medical waste, and aims to take some of the stress out of the disposal process. Here are few good rules of thumb to follow that will increase the efficiency of your waste management program:

  • Medical waste disposal in SeattleDon’t Transport Your Own Medical Waste – There are strict regulations from the Department of Transportation that govern who is legally allowed to transport medical waste. If you transport your own waste and an accident occurs, you will be held 100% liable. Use a permitted hauler instead.
  • Keep Medical Waste Secure – Anything that comes in contact with medical waste must be treated as medical waste itself. To avoid contamination, keep waste is secure, closable containers that are clearly labeled so that regular trash is not thrown in by mistake.
  • Separate Your Pharmaceuticals – Pharmaceuticals require specific treatment before their final disposal. Keep them separated from other medical waste items to ensure their proper disposal.
  • Hold Regular Training – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created thorough training guides for employees who handle blood borne pathogens while on the job. This training should be given yearly to keep employees refreshed and aware. It will help decrease accidents.
  • Don’t Mix Alcohol, Aerosols, or Other Chemicals in with Medical Waste – Some chemicals are classified as hazardous and require special treatment. Keep them separate from medical waste, as their handling procedures are slightly different.

There are things organizations can do to greatly reduce the risks associated with handling medical waste. It’s important that waste is handled properly because it has the potential to cause serious harm to people and the environment.

Medical Waste Pros Seattle will help strengthen your compliance efforts and find a service match for your unique situation. Our partners will use their industry experience to set you up with the best possible waste management solution.

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How Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in Seattle?

When it comes to medical waste disposal, the worst thing you can do is flush it down the drain or toss it in with the normal trash. Doing so endangers sanitation workers, sewage treatment workers, and unsuspecting janitors down the line.

To help ensure you are staying in compliance with all federal and Washington State laws, partner with a local service provider who stays on top of the ever-changing legal landscape of medical waste. These are just a few of the service options available in Seattle:

Medical Waste Pros SeattleRegularly Scheduled Medical Waste Disposal

For businesses that produce large amounts of waste regularly, regularly scheduled services are optimal. With this type of service, your provider will supply the correctly sized containers, and will work with you to set up a pickup schedule.

From there you don’t worry about anything else. You simply fill up your collection bins, and a driver comes to pick up your waste automatically according to the schedule. It is a simple, convenient, and reliable way to dispose of medical waste.

Shipping and Return/Mailback Kits

A mailback system is easy and works best for small waste generators or remotely located practices. Your service provider gives you everything you need, from a container for the waste, to the shipping container, to a prepaid shipping label. You simply follow the instructions and ship out your waste.

Any type of medical waste can be mailed as long as it is properly contained. Liquid waste, amalgam, mercury, sharps—just follow the directions and it will be safe. Mailback systems have the benefit of not requiring pickups, which reduced costs.

On-Call Medical Waste Management Services

On-call services are nearly identical to regularly scheduled pickup services. You fill up your waste container and a service provider will stop by to empty out the contents. The difference between the two service types is that with on-call services, instead of you waste being picked up on a predetermined schedule, you call your provider when you need it picked up.

This is the best service option if you produce waste inconsistently, or if you are looking to decrease costs with fewer pickups. Since medical waste can be usually be stored indefinitely, if you have the capacity to store it for long periods of time, this service can be extremely cost effective.

There are service options that will meet the needs of any type of waste generator. Companies big and small will find a solution to their waste management needs when they look to disposal service providers in Seattle.

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