Proper Medical Waste Disposal Techniques in New York City

Proper Medical Waste Disposal

There are several different types of medical waste, all of which require slightly different disposal practices. Not complying with local New York regulations for medical waste disposal can have dire consequences, so it’s important to do it right.

There are several good rules of thumb to abide by if you want to stay in compliance with the law and keep your staff and community safe:

  • Keep Pharmaceuticals Separate from Other Types of Medical Waste – Pharmaceuticals do not degrade overtime, which is why they must be separately and specifically disposed of. Don’t mix your expired pharmaceuticals with other types of medical waste—put them in separate, clearly labeled containers.
  • Don’t Transport Your Own Medical Waste – There are many laws governing the legal transportation of infectious or hazardous waste. To play it safe, if you need to move your pharmaceuticals (even to a relocated office across the street), utilize a permitted medical waste hauler to move your materials for you.
  • Don’t Leave Medical Waste Containers Open or a Full Container Unsealed – To help keep your office clean, tidy, and safe, make sure your medical waste containers are closable to keep the contents safe when not in use, and sealable so that when the container is full, it can be sealed completely to avoid any tampering or spills.
  • Don’t Mix Alcohol, Aerosols, or Any Other Chemicals with Medical Waste – Certain chemicals and some medical wastes are classified as hazardous and require specific disposal. Be sure to carefully segregate your medical waste, and get the opinion of an expert to be safe.
  • Train your employees on medical waste managementParticipate in Regular Training – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires yearly, documented training on blood borne pathogens for every employee at an organization that produces or handles materials containing disease-causing germs. Failing to engage in training creates uneducated employees and puts your facility at risk of exposure to potentially infectious diseases.

To help eliminate unnecessary risk of exposure to infectious materials, there are regulations at both the federal and New York state level outlining medical waste disposal best practices.

Medical Waste Pros New York will help you determine the items in your office that are potentially dangerous and require specific handling and disposal. If you have an office in New York that produces medical waste, we will help you stay within the lines of the law.

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How Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in New York?

Always avoid flushing any type of medical waste down the toilet. Doing so puts sanitation workers, sewage workers, janitors, and the greater community at risk of accidental exposure to dangerous and possibly infectious materials.

Abide by all New York laws and avoid putting the general public at risk by taking steps to properly and safely manage your medical waste. There are several ways to safely dispose of this type of waste:

Regularly Scheduled Medical Waste Disposal

Regularly scheduled pickups best serve businesses that produce large amounts of medical waste on a regular basis. The local provider you partner with will help determine the frequency of pickups, and supply you with properly sized containers to store your waste in-between visits.

Every time your waste is pickup up it’s tracked, and you always receive a detailed manifest of the transportation process to increase accountability and reliability.

Mailback/Shipping and Return Kits

Mail in medical wasteMailback systems are simple, convenient, and cost effective for smaller medical waste disposal needs. The New York service provider you select will send you a kit with everything you need—including the proper container for your waste, a liner bag, the shipping container, pre-paid postage, and instructions.

Any kind of medical waste can be shipped for disposal as long as it’s in an acceptable container. Sharps, soft waste, mercury, amalgam, and much more is eligible for a mailback program. The main determinant that decides whether a mailback service is right for you is the volume of waste you produce. Keep in mind that the heavier your package, the more you will have to pay for shipping.

On-Call Medical Waste Management Services

If your facility deals with frequent emergencies that require immediate medical waste cleanup and disposal, or if your business produces very small amounts of medical waste, on-call services are right for you.

On-call medical waste services are a type of pickup service performed on an as-needed basis. Medical waste can typically be stored indefinitely if you have the space, so small amounts of waste can sit and accumulate overtime before needing final disposal.

No matter which service type suits your office best, New York Medical Waste Disposal will find a service provider that can meet your needs.

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