Proper Medical Waste Disposal Techniques in Tampa

Proper Medical Waste Disposal in Tampa

Medical waste management can be a difficult chore for any company, but when it is set up correctly, it doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Staying up to date on current laws regarding waste disposal can be tricky, so to help Tampa companies stay safe, we have designed a list of techniques that can help any business increase the efficiency and safety of their office waste management strategy:

  • Keep Waste Containers Closed – Medical waste contaminates everything it comes into contact with. Keep it in secure, closable containers that are properly labeled to avoid any confusion and decrease unnecessary contamination.
  • Keep Alcohol, Aerosols, and Other Chemicals Out of Medical Waste – Some chemicals are classified as hazardous and should be kept separate from other types of medical waste, along with other hazardous materials. 
  • Never Transport Your Medical Waste – There are strict regulations regarding who can legally transport medical waste. If you transport your own waste (even just across the street) and an accident occurs, you are 100% liable. Seperate your medical waste in Tampa
  • Train Your Employees – Regular employee training helps keep employees aware of office procedures, increases efficiency, and greatly reduces accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed comprehensive trainings on how to safely handle blood borne pathogens in the workplace.
  • Keep Pharmaceuticals Separate – Pharmaceuticals do not degrade naturally, and therefore require special treatment and processing before their final disposal. Keep these materials separated from common medical waste items to streamline your waste management process.

There are ways to organize an office that will help increase efficiency and safety. Federal and state laws regulated medical waste disposal, and it must be done properly. Optimizing your office for proper disposal will strengthen your compliance efforts.

Medical Waste Pros Tampa will set you up on a pickup schedule to meet your needs, and help you find a disposal system that works for you. For free quotes on services near you, call our Tampa office at (813) 579-4288 or fill out the form on the right.

How Can I Dispose of Medical Waste in Florida? handling medical waste disposal industry in Tampa

Special care should be taken whenever handling medical waste. It’s important to never flush it down the toilet or throw it in loosely with normal waste. Doing so endangers innocent community members and the environment.

To responsibly dispose of medical waste, use a service provider. They offer flexible service options, including:

Shipping and Return/Mailback Kits

This type of service is designed for the small waste producer, but can be a convenient option for remote practices or any business that is difficult to locate. Mailback kits come with all the necessary components: a shipping container, a waste container, a shipping label and more.

Your service provider will give you everything you need, you simply fill up the container, package the materials, and mail it off. Any type of waste can be mailed if it’s in the proper container, and your service provider will work with you to determine exactly what you need.

Regularly Scheduled Medical Waste Disposal

The most common service option for medical waste removal is scheduled pickups. You work with your service provider to determine an appropriate pickup schedule depending on how much waste you produce. They supply the containers, and stop by according to the schedule to empty them.

This is an extremely convenient option, because once you have the schedule created, you never have to think about waste removal again. This service type is ideal for large, consistent waste generators.

On-Call Medical Waste Management Services

On call medical waste services are ideal for companies who inconsistently produce medical waste, or have the ability to store their waste for extended periods of time. Most medical waste items can be stored indefinitely, so if you have the capacity to do so, it can be extremely cost effective.

This service option allows you to fill up a waste bin and call a service provider to come pickup your waste once it’s full. There is no prescheduling, and costs are reduced due to fewer pickups.

No matter what service type fits best for your company, our Tampa providers will make it affordable. Call us today for free quotes.

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Medical waste can be dangerous if not handled properly. To avoid accidents and to keep in compliance with the law, partner with a medical waste disposal service provider. Service options are flexible and affordable, and they reduce your liability.

To find a service match in Tampa, call our Tampa office at (813) 579-4288 or fill out the form on the right. We will get several quoted options for free so you can ensure you are getting the best deal in Florida.